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Epic Story Media, Unicorn and Tencent Checks-in for Adventure with New Bubble’s Hotel Series

Bubble's Hotel

Unicorn Entertainment Limited, Tencent Video, along with independent IP creators and distribution company Epic Story Media Inc (ESM) are bubbling-up to launch the newest 3D animated preschool series, Bubble’s Hotel. Created by Korean native, Narae Ha (Rainbow Ruby), and written by Vancouver-based showrunner, Nancy Lees (Slugterra), the show marks the first collaboration between the companies that was supported by Creative Wealth Media, a film and television financing company and partners with BRON Studios, who owns a minority share of ESM. 


Bubble’s Hotel is a fun new comedy featuring a magical and joyful resort full of Bubble magic where every guest can go on any adventure they dream of – with the help of a Bubbly hotelier who’s always there to save the day! Each guest receives a pet when they check-in to the hotel, that suits their new persona and a room tailored just for them! 


But running such an amazing place is no easy task! Luckily, with her bubble wand, Bubble can do almost anything—from blowing giant bubbles that send everyone on a magical ride, to sending an army of little foams called Squeakies to clean up a huge spill of glitter (unicorn rodeos leave behind a TON of glitter)! If one of the guests ever has a problem Bubble will be there to solve it with her two best friends, Nabi, the efficient tiger butler and Kroomi, the enthusiastic baby cloud. It may take her a few tries (usually about 17), and a few of those (at least 16) may cause more chaos than help, but she’ll always get it done! Whatever a guest needs, a cheerful knock and a “Bubble Service!” means help has arrived! 


The series and toys will premiere in China this summer on Tencent Video and spread out to all major broadcast and digital platforms, while Epic secures partners on both broadcast and licensing outside of China and Southeast Asia. During the Chinese New Year 2023, a short video of Bubble’s Hotel collaborating with CCTV animation characters was launched on CCTV for the celebration of the most important festival in China. The series was created as 52 x 11-minute episodes but can be broken into a 9-minute episode + 2-minute non-dialogue shorts, which will be great to promote on digital and social platforms. The first few episodes will be showcased at this year’s Kidscreen Summit in Miami. 


The toy line focuses on collectability and building out the infinite hotel. Customized rooms, mini suitcase blind bags that reveal your figure and pet, complete with emoji stickers and luggage tags are just the beginning, as the show features over 78 guests – where adventures never pop! 


“We’re thrilled about the potential behind Bubble’s Hotel. Unicorn and Tencent have been wonderful partners who have been able to execute Narae’s vision of a fun and adorable pre-school show that brings joy and problem solving to our characters. This multi-national team is working diligently to produce the highest quality show and amazing comedy for our audience.” says Ken Faier, President of ESM. “This is another great example for Epic’s mission of maximizing creator-led properties for a global marketplace.”