New FluffyWeight Plush Proven Effective for Comforting Neurodivergent Children

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When a child reaches for their favorite stuffy, their world just feels better. But some children (and kidults), perhaps dealing with neurodivergent attributes (anxiety, ADHD or autism or sensory processing disorders) need a bit more heft to their toy. Say hello to FluffyWeight weighted Cat, Dog and FluffyWeight Puppy. Parents who gave a fluff reported fewer child meltdowns, smoother bedtimes and overall wellbeing in the house and on the run in a scientific study coast to coast!


“FluffyWeight is a super-soothing, safe and effective therapeutically weighted stuffed animal designed under the guidance of occupational therapists,” explains FluffyWeight inventor Elena Foley, “to effectively ease anxiety and shorten sensory meltdowns. Kids and adults alike love FluffyWeight’s snuggly cozy body and big fluffy paws that embrace you with a calming, comforting full-body hug that’s been proven to work.”


The proof is published on FluffyWeight’s informative website, Last year neuroscientist Dr. Cindy Hovington ran a 4-week experimental focus group of parents of children with anxiety or sensory challenges, living across the United States. What she found was children interacting with FluffyWeight noted an improvement in easing anxiety, promoting calm, making bedtime easier, child falling asleep faster and meltdowns melting away!


Problem solving plush like FluffyWeights are trending in the toy industry reports Azhelle Wade, The Toy Coach in her February 2023 interview for Toy-Times Magazine. “There’s an emerging subcategory breaking into the toy aisle that’s the complete opposite of fidget toys. They’re called Wellness & Comfort toys.” She explains, “…since the return to in person lifestyles post pandemic, a new function of plush has emerged, and that function is wellness and comfort. In our fast-paced world with an overwhelming acceptance of screens and technology, kids and adults are feeling more anxious than ever, and the toy industry is coming to answer the call. Comfort & Wellness toys are designed to give our senses a break, instead of finding ways to overstimulate or overload them with features and gadgets. Comfort and wellness toys are often marketed to help us feel better, sleep better, and even boost our moods.”


Foley gets credit for being first in the toy market with her ah-ha concept of weighted stuffed animals in 4th Quarter 2020 when she launched a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Although her official launch was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she is most proud that FluffyWeight plush pals are heavier than today’s weighted stuffed animal competitors, making them therapeutically weighted.


In addition to being so darn cute with Cat’s fluffy mane and puffy tail or Dog’s soft floppy ears, each stuffed animal is engineered to weigh about 10% of a child’s bodyweight. FluffyWeight Cat is 5.5 pounds and stretches 22” inches long from whiskers to tail. Dog also weighs in at 5.5 pounds and runs 22” long from snout to tactile tail. Mini size Puppy tips the scales at 3 pounds and measures 16.5” inches from its black nose to its white back paws. Their heft provides deep pressure input — scientifically proven to result in a calmer nervous system.


While FluffyWeight and weighted blankets work using the same scientific principles, FluffyWeight is soft to cuddle and more fun for kids to play with. This means they will be more likely to use FluffyWeight and have a greater chance to experience the calming benefits. FluffyWeight doesn’t get as hot as a weighted blanket and, naturally, are easier to take along in the car, through the airport or to a neighbor’s house.


FluffyWeight comes with an easily removable machine washable cover. Its body is sewn with reinforced stitching so it will stand up to wear and tear over time. Instead of plastic poly-pellets or tiny glass beads like most weighted objects on the market, FluffyWeight Cat, Dog and Puppy are filled with 100% pure natural latex foam. Latex is an organic material, is naturally heavy, and is resistant to allergens such as dust and mold. The latex is completely contained within its own lining, making it both safe and durable. It is often used to make hypo-allergenic mattresses and pillows. That means Cat, Dog and Puppy will keep its fluffy, springy texture forever.


So tell the kids it is okay to drag their FluffyWeight by the tail or ears, toss it in the air, ride it like a horse, and snuggle it every day. It was built to go the distance.

FluffyWeight Cat • 2 and up – Who can resist the heart-shaped nose, whiskers and bright eyes? Meow! FluffyWeight weighted plush are safe, effective and forever snuggable. Better yet, their outer cover is removable and machine washable because mess (and barf) happens! Turquoise cat has big white paws, premium soft “fur” and is resistant to allergens like dust and mold. Each plush pal is filled with 100% certified natural latex foam. Measures 22” long and 5.5 pounds.


FluffyWeight Dog • 2 and up – The FluffyWeight Dog is a super-soothing, safe and effective therapeutically weighted stuffed animal designed to ease anxiety and shorten sensory meltdowns. Its large cozy body and big fluffy paws embrace kids and adults alike with a calming, comforting hug proven to reduce stress. Its golden coat with white ears and paws measures 29” long nose to tail and weighs 5.5 pounds. Stroke its tail for extra tactile play.


FuffyWeight Mini Puppy • 2 and up – Smaller children or on-the-go snuggles are ideal for Puppy. Like all FluffyWeight plush pals, this mini version pup is plastic free and has naturally weighted filling throughout the whole body. Don’t tell the kids but Cat, Dog and Puppy have an easily zipped “skin” to toss in the wash and return clean, soft and snuggly. Approximately 3 pounds and 16.5” long.


Look for the tag around Cat’s collar or on Dog/Puppy’s ear for a poem to welcome its new owner. Follow the adventures of FluffyWeight Cat, Dog and Puppy on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and see what’s new in the toy aisle.