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Hasbro and Panini America Partner to Bring NBA Prizm Trading Cards to Monopoly

Monopoly Prizm Hasbro NBA

It’s a Monopoly slam dunk! Hasbro, Inc, a global branded entertainment leader, and Panini America, the exclusive trading card partner of the NBA and NBPA announced a partnership to bring the NBA court to the iconic Monopoly board. In this new Monopoly Prizm: NBA Edition board game, players collect, trade, and compete with real Panini NBA Prizm trading cards and exclusive Monopoly parallels and inserts for NBA All-Star glory. The Monopoly Prizm: NBA Edition game will be available in North America for purchase at Target beginning April 16, 2023 and other major retailers beginning August 1, 2023.


Prizm, the most popular global NBA trading card brand from Panini America, anchors the Monopoly Prizm: NBA Edition board game and features a 90-card base set.  The Monopoly Prizm will also feature special and rare Monopoly Prizm inserts and Monopoly Boardwalk parallels that can be found in Monopoly Prizm: NBA Booster Boxes designed to enhance game play.  NBA fans will be able to collect their favorite players and prominent rookies as part of the Monopoly Prizm NBA product release.


In this Panini NBA trading card version of the classic Monopoly game, players act as their favorite NBA basketball coach to recruit superstars and top rookies for the ultimate roster. As players take their team across country to compete against the best of the best, they’ll be challenged to make savvy trades to turn up the heat on competition and even their own team’s abilities on the court! Players will DRAFT their squad featuring their favorite NBA players, TRADE cards to build and change their team throughout the game and lastly – and unique to Monopoly – COMPETE in 1:1 matches to win All-Star Cards as they pass go. Instead of buying properties, players try to take control of NBA games and collect bonus points when opponents land on them. To earn more points, players compare the stats on their Panini NBA cards when they compete in Playmaker Challenges and All-Star Contests. In the end, the player with the most points wins!


“Based on fan insights, we noticed a unique crossover opportunity between individuals who love classic gameplay and card collecting, which ultimately lit the spark to create and bring this innovative trading card element to Monopoly,” said Adam Biehl, SVP & General Manager, Hasbro Gaming. “We’re ecstatic to have partnered with Panini, one of the top sports card companies, to power this new Monopoly edition through the utilization of authentic trading cards, real player statistics, and collectible card packs to expand the game.”


“The global popularity of our Prizm trading card brand was the perfect match for such an iconic brand like Monopoly to introduce an NBA trading card board game that captures all the elements of Monopoly and  introduces special parallels and rare inserts to enhance gameplay that have made our NBA trading cards so popular and collectible,” said Jason Howarth, Vice President of Marketing at Panini America.  “After nearly two years of development and collaboration, we are excited to bring the Monopoly Prizm: NBA game to market.”


“The Monopoly Prizm: NBA Edition board game is a direct response to the excitement and interest we have seen from NBA fans and is representative of the continued evolution of this industry,” said Brian Keegan, Head of Trading Cards, Memorabilia and Hardgoods at the NBA. “Through our collaboration with Hasbro, Inc. and Panini America, we look forward to introducing another opportunity NBA fans can compete with one another and celebrate our game.”


“This is such a unique and innovative collaboration that will showcase our players and create multi-faceted gameplay that engages fans like never before,” said Josh Goodstadt, Chief Commercial Officer of THINK450, the partnership and innovation engine of the NBPA. “In all our partnerships, we are looking for ways to build the players’ collective influence globally and this Monopoly Prizm: NBA game will most certainly serve that mission.”



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