Shashibo Introduces Holographic Series

Shashibo Solar Holographic

The world’s best-selling creative fidget toy has added a new direction to its line with the introduction of the Shashibo Holographic Series. The announcement was made by Kevin Daniels, President of Fun In Motion Toys.


The newest group of holographic Shashibo cubes – Polar, Solar and Vapor – features fascinating, mesmerizing holographic and ultraviolet light patterns that appear and disappear with every twist and turn, delivering an innovative dimension to creative play.


Fun In Motion Toys is the creator of Shashibo, a three-time “TOTY” Award finalist and the industry’s best-selling puzzle cube fidget toy for two consecutive years, as well as its award-winning lineup of innovative toys including Spinballs, Mozi, Glozi, Wandini and Karmagani. Our mantra is simple: we believe in creating mesmerizing toys that provide movement and activities that stimulate both the mind and body for hours of fun, day and night. Bottom line is that we’re serious about our commitment to fun…and we mean business.