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Toshiverse Labs Engages ChizSix Marketing & Media and AKCO to Drive the Arrival of Wooshi World

Wooshi World

Toshiverse Labs has announced the addition of two industry-leading firms to its roster of key consultants – ChizSix Marketing & Media, founded by industry veterans Harold and Jennifer Chizick, and AKCO, founded by ex Nelvana and Sutikki head Andrew Kerr. The pair will work to introduce Wooshi World to trade and consumer audiences throughout 2023. 


What’s a Wooshi? Oh, don’t you worry, you’ll find out! That’s because there’s 11,111 of them running loose and causing chaos in our world – right now – today! Each Wooshi is wholly unique in color, personality and appearance, and although they might be cute and cuddly (ish) on the outside, underneath they’re super curious and mischievous, and the cause of all sorts of chaos and hijinks for those humans that they happen to befriend. Building off the back of a massive multi-million dollar NFT release, the Wooshi are excited and eager to make the leap into animated content, social media stardom, and licensed consumer product success. 


“After speaking with both ChizSix and AKCO we knew they were the perfect partners to help us achieve our ambitious, brand-building goals for all things Wooshi in 2023,” said Cole Gurman, Co-Founder of Toshiverse Labs. “They each understand how to build brands from the ground up, and have a passion and hunger for success that is unmatched. We look forward to drawing upon their enthusiasm and expertise in the months ahead”. 


“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Wooshi World”, said Harold Chizick, CEO & President of ChizSix Marketing & Media. “The Wooshi are incredible characters – I can’t remember the last time I took a look at an imaginary creature and just smiled. We’re excited to work alongside the team to drive further growth in 2023.” 


“I’m excited to help my friends at Toshiverse Labs introduce the Wooshi to audiences everywhere in the months ahead,” said Andrew Kerr, founder of AKCO. “The Wooshi are super-cute and original, and the foundations of the brand are unique and compelling – it’s an ideal mix to build upon.”