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Paragon FX Batman Radio and Wizard Of Oz Slippers Make Collector’s Dream Come True

Dorothy Slipper Paragon FX

Pop-Culture aficionados are ecstatic to have an opportunity to add “grail” items to their collections thanks to Paragon FX Group. Dorothy’s ruby slippers and the 1966 Batman’s Bat-radio are two of the most recent museum quality items offered by the collective of artisans at Paragon.


Many screen used props are far outside the reach of most collectors, while the picture perfect recreations from Paragon FX Group are accessible for fans.


The Wizard of Oz  Ruby Slippers are arguably one of the most legendary items in film history. Using the latest reference from the Smithsonian and exhaustive private study, Paragon has painstakingly produced what is believed to be the most accurate replica pair of Ruby Slippers to date. Every sequin, every gem, even the orange felt on the soles has been recreated by their team of prop makers and engineers. Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame called them “Absolutely gorgeous!”


The Bat-radio, as seen on the 1966 Batman series, is instantly recognizable by fans and has also been lovingly recreated by The original props were hand cut and adorned with collapsible brass antennas. A simple light, denoting transmission, was the only other feature present on the original models. Paragon’s staff spent months studying the history of the original props and their recreation is fabricated of cast resin, acrylic and brass. The replica features a lights and sound option and has a satisfying weight that adds to its real world feel.


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