Douglas’ Softs Collection Continues to Grow, with 32 New Softs Coming in 2023

Flamingo Douglas Softs

In February of 2021, at a time where everyone needed a hug, Douglas introduced the Softs’ Collection for the first time. Since then, the line has grown in popularity and numbers. This irresistibly soft, ultra-floppy and ultra huggable collection is expanding once again as the plush toy company and lifestyle gift creator adds 32 new Softs this year!


Softs are available as a Mini or Original size. Minis range in size from 6” to 7.5” while originals range in size from 9” to 15”. This year will see 11 new Minis and 21 new original sizes. Douglas has gone well beyond the ordinary when it comes to detail. The fabric choices include texture and naturalistic, breed-specific coloring as well as whimsy.


From the ocean shore where you’ll find Leggie the Flamingo to the farm where Ginnie the Goose and Zoinkie the Pig are hanging out there is so much fun to be had. From the woods where you’ll find Andie the Owl and Rudie the Racoon to the zoo where Jessie the Giraffe and Perrie the Penguin can be found, even more breed-specific animals are available. When it comes to cats and dogs, Douglas has you covered there too, with pet loving favorites like Gabbie the French Bulldog, Harlie the Chocolate Lab and so many more!


While most of Douglas’ Softs are natural looking, they can be whimsical in nature, too! Tracie the pink Dino and Roarie the Green Dino are just two of the colorful new Softs joining the collection.


Other Mini Soft additions will include Rickie the Gold Chicken, Bonnie the Ice Blue Unicorn, Cadie the Pink Cat, Cubbie the Black Bear, Marnie the Taupe Goose, Mistie the Arctic Fox, Colbie the Gray Cat, Dennie the Duck, Hallie the Unicorn and Rex the Alligator.


Additional Softs include Bobbie the Chicken, Cheekie the Corgi, Codie the Corgi, Colbie the Gray Cat, Delanie the Dachshund, Floatie the Manatee, Lexie the Ice Pink Unicorn, Lukie the White Dragon, Nellie the Horse, Romie the Tiger Soft and Weslie the Dog.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest Softs will ship in March 2023. DOUGLAS’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.