Douglas Welcomes More Dragons and Unicorns to Their Plush Family

Dragons Douglas

Imaginative play thrives in the land of Douglas with the introduction of two new Dragons and five new Unicorns. The plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator is making dreams come true with these latest introductions.


Meet Deuce the Two-Headed Dragon: he is stunning. At 10” long he’s covered in olive-gold textured fur that appears to be scale-like. He has two full magnificent heads atop one full body. Both heads sport black and gold eyes. Across his back are a set of the most impressive gold metallic wings.


Lukie the White Dragon is from Douglas’ particularly popular Softs Collection. This 9” cuddly, mythical cutie is snow white with pearly gold metallic wings and prominent horns. She’s extra soft, very plump, and ultra-floppy, ensuring the best of hugs. Her take-me-home black eyes sparkle with a hint of pearl gold.


Hallie the Unicorn is a little darling from Douglas’ Mini Softs Collection. She’s just 6” tall and sits on her haunches. Her fluffy coat is interestingly white brushed in pink rose almost tie-dye in appearance. She has gray hooves and a sweet silver twisted unicorn horn. She has a full white fluffy mane and long white fluffy tail ready for brushing.


Bonnie the Ice Blue Unicorn is also from Douglas’ Mini Softs Collection and stands 6” tall. She is a beautiful trending blue ice color. She’s truly delightful with a full white mane and tail. Her twisted silver metallic unicorn horn typifies her magical appearance.


Lexie the Ice Pink Unicorn is 11” tall and a member of Douglas’ Softs Collection. She is ultra-soft and extra floppy. She is pretty in light pink with tan hooves. Her mane and tail are all white, and she spouts a beautiful silver metallic iridescent horn atop her head.


Anita the Rainbow Unicorn is a real showstopper at 20” long. She personifies a pastel rainbow in colors of creamy yellow, raspberry pink, a touch of lime and blue. She’s regal in a lying down position with a full white mane and tail. Her hooves are lilac, and her unicorn horn is silver.


Vega the Unicorn completes this enchanting introduction. At 11” long, she stands tall and ready to create magic. She has smooth white fur with a fluffy white mane and fluffy white tail. She has golden tan hooves and a silver unicorn horn. She is distinct in that she is branded with an intricately embroidered shooting star on her backside.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest Dragons and Unicorns will ship in March 2023. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.