ToyMonster Launches New CAPTIVZ Collectible Dinosaur Toys to Celebrate Jurassic Park’s 30th Anniversary

ToyMonster CAPTIVZ

With 90s nostalgia in full swing, this year marks the 30th Anniversary of the iconic film, Jurassic Park, from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. To celebrate three decades of epic dinosaurs, ToyMonster announces the launch of two new lines of CAPTIVZ collectible dinosaur toys. The Jurassic Park CAPTIVZ Build N Battle 30th Anniversary range is available now, and the Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Hatchlings range will hatch in retail stores starting next month.


Selling more than five million CAPTIVZ collectible dinosaurs worldwide, ToyMonster, the Australia-based toy manufacturer, has a proven track record bringing the hottest miniature collectibles to Jurassic World fans across the globe. The newest CAPTIVZ dinosaurs are no exception, answering the roaring call of collectors.


“We’re excited to join this Jurassic Park milestone, celebrating thirty years of legendary dinosaurs with the launch of our newest CAPTIVZ lines,” said Jessica Heswawissa, Head of Brand & Marketing at ToyMonster. “We can’t wait to see how generations of fans will treasure the nostalgia of the original species, and also embrace the new Hatchling dinosaurs. There’s something for every fan!”


This exclusive CAPTIVZ range will feature dinosaur species from the original Jurassic Park movie and rare dinosaurs to chase, including the gold and amber baby Velociraptor. As the most authentic collection yet, it will have fans roaring to celebrate the 30th anniversary! With 18 dinosaurs to collect, fans can build their collection with retro flair.


  • Slime Egg: Crack the golden egg, ooze through the stretchy amber slime to reveal collectible species, then build to battle! Includes: Build N Battle dinosaur with epic paint detail.


  • Amber slime: Collector guide and exclusive collector card


  • Surprise Egg: Dig through prehistoric sand, chip through amber sap gel and ooze through Biosyn Lab slime to discover which super-sized exclusive species you have unearthed! Includes: Super-sized Build N Battle Dinosaur with epic paint detail. Amber Sap Gel, Prehistoric Sand, BioSyn Slime, Sticker sheet, Collector guide and exclusive collector card.


  • Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Hatchlings: Fans can discover a new generation of dinosaur species with all-new Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Hatchlings! These pint-sized buildable dinosaurs are newly-hatched, bright-eyed and ready to explore the world. Featuring 14 species to collect – including the rare mini Velociraptors.


  • Slime Egg: Ooze through paleo slime to reveal which buildable baby dinosaur you have hatched! Includes: Hatchlings dinosaur with epic paint detail. Paleo Slime, Collector guide and exclusive collector token.

ToyMonster’s new CAPTIVZ toys are available now at Walmart, 5 Below and Meijer.