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University Games Collars Cat Kid License from MerryMakers

Cat Kid University Games

University Games has announced a new licensing deal negotiated by MerryMakers, Inc for Dav Pilkey’s Cat Kid Comic Club, and an extension of the company’s license for the popular Dog Man property.


Craig Hendrickson, SVP Product Development at University Games, said, “Cat Kid Comic Club is a rapidly rising star property and it’s our pleasure to add to our working relationship with Dav Pilkey and MerryMakers to deliver Cat Kid to kids in fun new games.”


As evidenced by University Games’ successful Dog Man games, where the company adds new games based on Dav Pilkey’s original character and new book themes each year, Cat Kid is a cool new addition to the company’s children’s game line.


Clair Frederick, President of MerryMakers said, “University Games has been a fabulous partner for Dog Man games and puzzles since we launched the licensing program in 2019, with UG offering ever more fun and creative product each year. The original board game, Dog Man Attack of the Fleas, came out with a bang, and the subsequent Flip-O-Rama and Hot Dog Card Game capture the exuberant playfulness found in Dav Pilkey’s wildly popular graphic novels. Everyone loves the lenticular puzzles, too, since the Dog Man characters embody the power of transformation. We’re thrilled the program will expand this year with games based on the Cat Kid Comic Club series.”


This Fall, University Games’ new Cat Kid Comic Club Game ($17 for 2-4 players ages 6+) will debut at retail along with the new Dog Man 20,000 Fleas Under the Sea Game ($21 for 2-4 players ages 6+). The new games join the hot-selling Dog Man Flip-O-Rama Game, Dog Man Attack of the Fleas Game, and Dog Man The Hot Dog Card Game, among other University Games’ Dog Man games and puzzles.