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The Squirrel Media Group Announces Binding Letter of Intent with Mondo TV S.p.A for the Purchase of 74.24% of Mondo TV Studios

Squirrel Media Mondo TV Studios

Squirrel Media has announced this Thursday, April 13 2023, that it has reached an agreement with Mondo TV S.p.A – one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content – through a binding letter of intent for the integration into Squirrel Media of Mondo TV Studios.


Squirrel Media is a communication technology group chaired by Pablo Pereiro Lage. It works globally across four main business areas: advertising, communication media, content (creation and distribution of all types of audiovisual content) and technology (TMT services).


Under the terms of the agreement, Mondo TV Studios would become part of a leading Spanish group in technology within the media sector. The company would join Squirrel Media’s content business segment, creating a new animation vertical to produce and distribute new IPs, and at the same time offer animation services as a recurring activity engine, along with the distribution of animated content. It would also develop and build on synergies with the other business units that make up the Squirrel Media Group.