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DeAPlaneta and KidsBeeTV Partner to Bring Milo and More to the Streaming Platform

Milo DeAPlaneta

DeAPlaneta Entertainment and KidsBeeTV have joined forces to add a range of beloved preschool programming to its streaming platform. Through the new DeAPlaneta and KidsBeeTV licensing agreement, Milo, the award-winning show about a five-year-old cat who explores different vocations, along with Super Dino, Baby Heidi, and Bubble Bip, will be available this month on KidsBeeTV.


“As a streaming platform for kids, we know that high-quality programming is essential for success,” said Hugo Ribeiro, the CEO of KidsBeeTV. “DeAPlaneta Entertainment is already a valued partner, and we’re thrilled to expand our collaboration through this new agreement. With the addition of Milo, Super Dino, Baby Heidi, and Bubble Bip, we now have a total of six top-quality preschool shows from DeAPlaneta Entertainment on our streaming platform.”


Milo is an engaging and imaginative award-winning show. Each episode follows the adventures of Milo, a curious and adventurous cat who loves exploring different professions. With the help of his friends, Milo tries different outfits and dives headfirst into the world of each job, learning valuable lessons and promoting a positive message of limitless possibilities for children.


Also included in the agreement is Super Dino, an animated series about a team of intelligent and adorable dinosaurs led by a genius heroine. The show emphasizes the importance of cooperation, overcoming difficulties, and coping with crises. Bubble Bip, on the other hand, is a show about a wacky video game hero named Bip who escapes into the real world and shows that even the most boring day can be an amazing adventure. With the mind of a 3-year-old, Bip is brave, bright, naive, and an expert troublemaker. Lastly, Baby Heidi is an adorable nursery rhyme series featuring the charming and curious baby Heidi. She spends her days in a cozy cottage in the countryside, singing and laughing as she explores the wonders of nature and plays with her animal friends.


KidsBeeTV offers a variety of apps, including the main app KidsBeeTV Videos and Games, a Spanish-language version named KidsBeeTV en Español, Nursery Rhymes & Lullabies by KidsBeeTV, and Kids Learning: Videos & Games by KidsBeeTV, an educational app featuring a wide range of content. The new shows licensed from DeAPlaneta will be available in all KidsBeeTV apps.