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Omens Studios Expands Leo the Wildlife Ranger Offering

leo wildlife ranger

Award-winning animation company Omens Studios has further expanded the Leo the Wildlife Ranger universe, launching brand-new VR and “It’s Hero Time!” series of shorts on YouTube this month.


Based on the multi award-winning original Leo the Wildlife Ranger television series, the one-minute series of kid-safe VR experiences will be released bi-weekly, with the first two episodes already available on the Leo the Wildlife Ranger YouTube channel. Rendered in 4K and viewable using VR headsets, including Oculus Quest and Apple’s upcoming VR headsets, and any VR-supported devices, the series will take audiences on animated adventures from underwater in the Amazon River to watching a blue whale breaching in front of your eyes and a silver back gorilla enjoying its lunch.


Also launching on the growing Leo the Wildlife Ranger YouTube channel this month is the “It’s Hero Time!” series of shorts. Omens Studios’ first non-dialogue YouTube-first series incorporating slapstick humor, the initial 10 x 2’ series follows fan favorite character Hero the puppy diving headfirst into daily adventures and mishaps with furry friends, from playful goslings to mischievous cats.


Chi Sim Tang, CEO of Omens Studios, says: “Leo the Wildlife Ranger is one of our most popular IPs, and we are delighted to be further expanding the content available to fans all over the world. These releases mark our first foray into non-dialogue content and VR content for our YouTube channel, and provide a fun way for audiences to enjoy new stories from the IP, and new kid-safe VR experiences that young children can immerse themselves in alongside our lovable characters.”


Earlier this year, Omens Studios’ was commissioned to produce a refreshed version of international hit series Leo the Wildlife Ranger by Singapore’s national public broadcaster MediaCorp, picking up where season two of the series ends. The new 80 x 10’ action-packed wildlife-centric series is aimed at 3-7 year olds and provides young audiences with zoology facts, teaches environmental awareness and nature conservation and helps build social skills and team work, all in fun and entertaining ways. The updated series will see more action and development of the popular characters, exciting new gadgets, new animals, as well as more comedy and fun facts sprinkled throughout.