PlanToys and Beeja May Joined Forces to Help Families Shift from Linear to Circular Economies

Plantoys Beeja May

PlanToys, the global leader in sustainable toy manufacturing, announced a partnership with Toronto based startup Beeja May to have them as the preferred partner of the manufacturer to buy and sell second-hand toys throughout Canada.


With this partnership, Beeja May will ensure continued life for PlayToys’ items that children no longer play with. Beeja May and PlanToys will be creating a network of parents and retailers across the country to get pre-loved and outgrown toys on the Beeja May marketplace so that families can shop quality second-hand to not only save money during this economic recession but also help save the planet of unnecessary waste. This initiative is part of PlanToys’ greater mission of creating a global circular economy of toys that was kicked off in 2022 with the PlayCycle initiative.


“As a new parent, I wanted to shop second hand and do my part to be sustainable. I found it to be exhausting and sometimes scary when you meet up with strangers you don’t know in parking lots to buy things you saw on the internet. Sometimes it was what it is, sometimes not, sometimes they asked for more money than you agreed upon ahead of time.” Says Christine Trinh, Co-Founder of Beeja May. “That’s when we created Beeja May. An mission driven company that makes it safe and easy for parents to be sustainable that partners with brands that helps do the leg work so it’s not all up to the consumer to be sustainable on their own.”


The PlanToys and Beeja May partnership helps keep products out of landfills by creating a frictionless process for parents to declutter their homes unused toys, get paid immediately, and find new loving homes for those items which extends so that they can continue to bring joy to children and not end up in landfills.


Co-Founders Christine Trinh and Simon Tan, lead the Beeja May team. They are the parents of a lovely girl and are helping parents in the Toronto area live sustainable lifestyles one product at a time. For more information, visit


Founded in 1981, PlanToys is a toy manufacturer built on the foundation of sustainability. Founded by Vitool Virapornsavan and led by Kosin Virapornsawan, PlanToys is proud to say that they have never cut down a tree to make any of its products. Since day one, PlanToys has been upcycling and repurposing rubber wood from Thailand’s rubber and latex industry. PlanToys strives to show the world that being a sustainable manufacturer is possible when it is a foundational part of your business. With the mission of “Better Kids, Better World through Sustainable Play,” PlanToys is taking initiatives to create a circular economy in products and services, including its manufacturing materials from sustainably sourced wood to natural rubber and beyond.