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4 Million Views in Two Weeks – Millimages’ Molang is now a YouTuber!

Molang Youtube

Millimages, one of the most innovative IP developers and oldest independent animation studios in Europe, has launched a new Molang digital channel that will be hosted by Molang as a YouTuber. The innovative concept will see Molang and sidekick Piu Piu interacting with their fans in video concepts normally made by humans (gaming, ASMR, reactions, and various challenges), propelling the cartoon character and brand into a whole new dimension of social media.


Launched in June 2023, Molang’s YouTuber videos have racked up an impressive 50K subscribers and 4M views in just two weeks – with 2M views on the Poppy Playtime video alone.  The channel will release a new ten-minute episode every friday, with 26 episodes planned over the next six months. The videos are produced by Millimages’ world-renowned studio in Paris with a 16-person creative team including writers and creative directors managed by the company’s in-house Social Media team.

Kévin Maintrot, Head of Digital Content Strategy, commented, “For the last three years, we’ve seen our subscriber base grow – 1.2M+ in just one year – by focusing our content strategy on social networks aimed at young millennials and Gen Z, who represent 78% of Molang’s audience. Also by experimenting with a number of formats and concepts, such as parodies on Instagram and TikTok dances. This brand-new YouTuber concept is a great business and strategic opportunity that breaks the fourth wall, offering multiple creative possibilities and future partnerships.”

“This project anchors Millimages’ strategy to also develop digital-led projects so that we can wear two hats as both traditional producers and digital-first producers,” added Adrien Moretto, General Secretary. “It’s in our DNA to be pioneers, to try things out, to bring new dynamics to the industry. With the advantages of our independence and over 30 years of expertise, we’re free to take risks: and given Molang’s YouTuber figures in just a few weeks, the gamble is paying off!”

Molang will also be making a public appearance at this year’s Japan Expo held in Paris from July 13 – 16. A high-end pop-up shop at stand J183 will provide fans with a bubble of tranquillity in the middle of the show, where to buy exclusive merchandise, meet the Molang mascot, and participate in the latest influencer activities. Everyone is invited to come learn more about the cuddly character’s latest adventures.