Brand Vending Products LLC Announces the Hobby Station

Hobby Station

Brand Vending Products LLC, a leader and pioneer in toy and vending space for nearly 30 years is proud to announce an exciting new offering called The Hobby Station. The very first of its kind, an innovative new self-contained automated vending machine from Brand Vending Products that dispenses factory sealed unopened packs of trading cards! The single loose trading card machines of old are out and the Hobby Station by Brand Vending Products is here to update the space and fill the demand!


This state-of-the-art station comes equipped with a contact-less credit card payment system, which accepts all your major payment forms. It’s as simple as a swipe, tap, or insert, and it also accepts Google & Apple Pay!


Buy trading card packs directly from Brand Vending Products, a distributor of Topps trading cards or fill the station with your own packs! The recent acquisition of Topps by Fanatics, Inc. has created an opportunity for even more offering of trading card packs! Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Racing, Wrestling, College Sports, or pop culture cards like Star Wars,
Garbage Pail Kids, and so much more!


The Hobby Station allows you to set your price for each unique selection allowing for endless possibilities, like adding your own rare chase item in a column and allowing customers an opportunity for a chance of winning the super rare “chase” item! It’s like having your own trading card store wherever you desire.


The Primary station offers 4 different selections. Load the station up with 200-250+ trading card packs! Quickly connect 2 secondary stations together, upgrading your station to offer up to 12 different selections and 600-750+ factory sealed packs! People travel from miles around to the big box stores to try and get a trading card pack when their deliveries come in, now be your own big box store only with no overhead!