First Products for Toikido’s Piñata Smashlings to Launch September 2023

Piñata Smashlings

Toikido, the London-based entertainment company on the cutting edge of digital design and toys, is set to introduce its first offerings for Piñata Smashlings. First to market in the U.S. will be toys, plush and playsets from PMI Ltd., arriving across the mass market, including Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Amazon, and other retailers, in October 2023. These items will be followed by fashion, home and crafts collections from Centric Brands, Inkology, Isaac Morris, and Jay Franco next spring. Toikido will showcase the new brand at Licensing Expo 2023 – Retail Monster, Booth R224.


“In collaboration with our friends at Retail Monster, we’ve assembled a core group of top-notch licensing partners that will help us build the Piñata Smashlings brand into an exciting and imagination-filled experience for children everywhere,” said Darran Garnham, Founder and CEO of Toikido. “Our partners are strategic thinkers who are taking a long-range view of the property and committed to developing it into a premiere brand for generations to come.”


“We are always on the lookout for the hottest brands for kids and Piñata Smashlings is it,” said Omer Dekel, COO of PMI Ltd. “This property is a perfect fit for us and in working together with Toikido, we know Piñata Smashlings will be one of the coolest toy lines on the market.”


“Piñata Smashlings is a uniquely creative and fun property that kids immediately ‘get’ and enthusiastically embrace,” said Michael Connolly, Founder and CEO, Retail Monster, the U.S. agent for the brand. “We’ve known Darran and his team for many years and are so happy to be working with them on this incredible project. We expect to make additional partnership announcements very soon.”


Toikido’s newly-named North American Managing Director Darryl Lai is working alongside Retail Monster on building and managing Piñata Smashlings’ growing portfolio.


The new Piñata Smashlings product rolling out to retail include:

  • Centric Brands ­– Sleepwear, Socks & Beauty
  • Isaac Morris Limited ­– Apparel, including tops, bottoms, sets, outerwear/hoodies, and Swimwear.
  • Inkology LLC – Stationery and Activity Sets
  • Jay Franco & Son – Bedding, Storage & Home Decor, Bath, Beach, and Travel


Also on the way is a family-friendly Piñata Smashlings Roblox multiplayer game, geared to kids ages 9-12. Some of the new toys will have interactive features that connect the physical toy with online play.


In the UK, Toikido recently announced a partnership with Character World Brands, a home and lifestyle products manufacturer, for a wide range of Piñata Smashlings bedding, towels, blankets, and cushions for kids that will start rolling out to retailers in spring 2024.


In addition to Piñata Smashlings, Toikido has introduced a number of successful gaming properties, including “Among Us” and “Gang Beasts,” to toy and apparel retailers around the world.


Piñata Smashlings are the inhabitants of the Piñataverse, a world of unimaginable wonders where anything is possible. There are hundreds of these cheeky little characters as they explore the expansive and ever-growing world. But not everything is sweetness and light as darkness looms with menacing Meañatas up to no good, turning Smashlings into bitter Bashlings. Luckily there are Piñatas to help save the day!