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MGM’s Pink Panther 60th Anniversary Pop Art Exhibit with Lucha de Gigantes Now Available Online

Pink Panther MGM Lucha Del Gigantes

Lucha de Gigantes, in partnership with MGM, launched the Pink Panther Art Exhibition at the Only You Boutique Hotel in Madrid on May 23rd. The exhibition, which featured 32 artists challenged to pay homage to the Pink Panther on his 60th anniversary, and 33 pieces of art, is Lucha de Gigantes’ most ambitious project to date. The show ran through May 28th, attracting 5,000 visitors over just six days and is now available online at The Pink Panther Art Exhibition marked the kick-off of a year of celebrations marking Pink Panther’s 60th anniversary.


The Pink Panther Art Exhibition brought together a group of 32 prominent artists whose works reflect on their socio-cultural present, their artistic and visual context, and their work as artists around the figure of the emblematic pink character. The pieces have a feel that is characteristic of the British and American Pop Art scene, which also served as inspiration for the creation of the Pink Panther character in the 1960s. The exhibition also brought together a diverse, multi-generational group of Pink Panther fans who reveled in the unique interpretations of the Pink Panther character. Participating artists included Carlos Fernández, Ricardo Nannini, Daniel Sueiras, and many other highly-regarded contemporary European artists. All of the works can be viewed here.


Lucha de Gigantes’ projects have a common denominator, to pay tribute to “Geniuses” who they admire and their vision of the world. All of this is governed by their fresh and disruptive vision of the art world in which the passion for what they do will be the only rule.


The art exhibit with Lucha de Gigantes’ is only the beginning of the festivities planned that will continue through June 2024. The 60th anniversary marks a big moment for the iconic character who has been beloved by generations of fans and is regarded as an emblem of style and cool. Pink Panther started life in the front and end of the legendary detective series of the same name. Its popularity spawned TV series, specials, comics, merchandise, and has even become associated with the color pink worldwide.