Mighty Jaxx Lunches Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece Funboxx Figures Ahead of Netflix Series

Mighty Jaxx One Piece

With the newly released poster of the highly anticipated One Piece live-action series on Netflix, it’s time to re-introduce yourself to some of the series’ most beloved characters ahead of the show’s rumored 2023 release. Available now on and in stores in July, the newest Freeny’s Hidden Dissectibles: One Piece Funboxx series ($12.99/collectible) from Mighty Jaxx, features the fierce and resilient ladies of One Piece. From the “Demon Child” Nico Robin’s fearsome fighting skills to Kozuki Hiyori’s incredible mental fortitude following her father’s tragic passing, you can collect each character to get to know their unique and inspiring stories in Hot Topic, Box Lunch and Newbury Comics this July.


Designed by renowned artist Jason Freeny, each Mighty Jaxx One Piece figurine in this series features his signature dissected art style and captures the essence of the powerful women of One Piece, bringing them to life in stunning detail. With seven female characters to collect, this series showcases the diversity and strength of the women in the One Piece world!