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Mojang Studio’s Hit Minecraft Brand Continues Global Growth with New Licensing Partners

Minecraft Licensing Expo

From the launch of Minecraft 14 years ago, the Minecraft universe has continued to expand, evolving into a global entertainment powerhouse with new merchandise, media content, in-game events, retail launches and promotional partners. Ahead of Licensing Expo in June 2023 and Minecraft’s 15th Anniversary in 2024, multiple new licensing partners are joining the brand that strives to build a better world through the power of play. 


Since its 2009 debut, the critically-acclaimed and multiple award-winning Minecraft video game, described by The Guardian as “the best video game of (the first two decades of) the 21st century.”  With over one trillion views on YouTube, what started as a game and platform for creative expression has evolved into an evergreen entertainment franchise with over 150 licensing partners across the globe already creating new consumer products experiences for fans, including global partners LEGO, Mattel, Random House, Hallmark, Hasbro, Crocs, and Uniqlo, as well as regional partners such as Fashion UK, Character World, Cataic, Caprice and more.  Minecraft products are carried at key retailers ranging from Walmart, Target, and Amazon to Smyths, Tesco, and Asda.


Ahead of Licensing Expo, Minecraft has signed a slate of new licensing partners to further expand product offerings, headlined by Crayola (Seasonal/Party – U.S., Canada), American Greetings (Greeting Cards & Wrapping Paper – U.S., Canada), Crunch Pak (Food & Beverage – U.S., Canada), Dynacraft (Sporting Goods – U.S.), Bladez Toys (Arts & Crafts – U.K., Europe, Australia), Procos (Seasonal/Party – Europe), L Founders Loyalty Programs (Europe) and Andromeda (Back-to-School – Mexico).


These new licensing partners are revealed following the recent launch of the highly anticipated new Minecraft action strategy game, Minecraft Legends,  the latest expansion of the Minecraft IP since the hugely successful game Minecraft Dungeons which continues to drive thousands of game play hours, and the announcement of Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ Minecraft theatrical movie, set to star Jason Momoa (Aquaman), which will premiere on April 4, 2025.


With an unprecedented scope for creativity, Minecraft has become a global phenomenon that fosters innovative thinking both in-game and through our branded products, offering fans the opportunity to interact with Minecraft both physically and digitally,” commented Federico San Martin, Global Head of Consumer Products for Minecraft. “Ahead of our 15th anniversary next year, this is the ideal time for us to exhibit at Licensing Expo as we look to expand into new areas of business globally. We’re eager to share our upcoming franchise initiatives with current and potential new partners and discuss creative and engaging ways to galvanize our communities across content, game updates, marketing, retail and promotional activities.”


With a focus on fashion at Licensing Expo, Minecraft has partnered with some of the world’s best leading fashion brands including Burberry, Lacoste, and PUMA. “Fashion is important to Minecraft because it bridges the gap between the digital and physical space. It also allows for self-expression and creativity with design and customization which parallels the game play that our community has fallen in love with.” noted San Martin.


Mojang’s Minecraft is an instantly memorable game about breaking and placing blocks where players work together or on their own to create wonderful and imaginative things. Described by Games Radar+ as “a superb example of gaming’s ability to ignite and inspire our fascination with creation,” Microsoft’s vision for Minecraft is to inspire generations of game changers by building a world where the Minecraft community shares core values of crafting together, celebrating creativity, fueling passion, and creating fun!