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Paramount+ Greenlights Continuation of The Lodge: A Paramount+ Experience for VidCon 2023

Paramount + Lodge

Paramount+ is a total household streamer that features iconic franchises and beloved characters. The magic of the Mountain of Entertainment campaign is that the service’s unmatched content offering is showcased in an authentic and interesting way that draws in consumers. The Lodge: A Paramount+ Experience is the next iteration of the campaign, offering a unique and immersive experience that brings Paramount Mountain to life


Visitors at VidCon 2023 will step into a mountain lodge atmosphere filled with celebratory moments around Paramount+’s popular titles like Zoey 102, iCarly, SpongeBob SquarePants and School Spirits. Wandering through the experience, consumers will find the Zoey 102 door with a collage of photos from Zoey 101 and be given their very own key mimicking Zoey’s key necklace from the original series. The key will grant them access inside the ultra instagrammable room filled with pink balloons, a wedding guest book to sign and Zoey’s pink vespa that will feature wedding cans on the back. 


Bringing the Krusty Krab IRL, guests are invited to come into the underwater restaurant and become fully immersed in Bikini Bottom with Spongebob and his friends. A photo moment with a take-home polaroid will be available at the memorable checkout boat.


Attendees can walk down the hallways with School Spirits filled with easter eggs from the series and ‘Missing Maddie’ posters, where a  camera will be there to tape their stroll. Guests will also be able to step inside the iCarly studio and choose from a select variety of different props to take to the stage and create their own content for their audiences. 


The experience will feature the Paramount Theater, which will be set up as an exclusive sound stage for attendees to get a feel for how some of their favorite titles are made as they step up to the green screen and scale the Paramount Mountain.