PlanToys Cheese and Charcuterie Board Wins 2023 ASTRA Play Awards for the Eco Category

PlanToys Cheese Charcuterie Board ASTRA

ASTRA, the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association, announced at ASTRA Marketplace & Academy in Columbus, OH, that PlanToys, the global leader in sustainable toy manufacturing, has won the Eco category for the ASTRA Play Awards with their Cheese & Charcuterie Board set. The award program is one of the few award programs in the industry that has toy retailers do all the voting to select its winners based on criteria including toy newness, uniqueness, availability, and significance to the industry.


“We are honored to win the ASTRA Play award and have our sustainable manufacturing recognized as we recently announced our company goal to be carbon neutral by 2025,” said Rudy Valenta, VP of Americas at PlanToys. “With our mission of Better Kids, Better World Through Sustainable Play, we are always trying to push the envelope with the toys we design. With culinary careers as popular as ever, we want to let children play with the imaginative food they see adults cooking and what’s on tv. Our designers ensured that children could not only serve or eat during pretend play but also prepare the charcuterie board for the event they were hosting with friends, families, and their favorite stuffed animals. After all, play is how children and adults learn.”


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Founded in 1981, PlanToys is a toy manufacturer built on the foundation of sustainability. Founded by Vitool Virapornsavan and led by Kosin Virapornsawan, PlanToys is proud to say that they have never cut down a tree to make any of its products. Since day one, PlanToys has been upcycling and repurposing rubber wood from Thailand’s rubber and latex industry. PlanToys strives to show the world that being a sustainable manufacturer is possible when it is a foundational part of your business. With the mission of “Better Kids, Better World through Sustainable Play,” PlanToys is taking initiatives to create a circular economy in products and services, including its manufacturing materials from sustainably sourced wood to natural rubber and beyond.