Brains & Beauty Dolls Launch with Malia M, Khari & Nia

Brains & beauty Dolls

There are no bad hair days for Malia M., Khari or Nia ($89.99 at, a trio of multicultural 18” dolls, as their lustrous thick hair awaits styling by their young owner to brush, braid, twist, curl, straighten, apply Bantu knots, or leave as is. The message from Brains & Beauty Dolls is that empowerment, hence confidence, starts from within. If you don’t believe it, just give the doll a squeeze and listen for one of the 20 phrases that the doll speaks, such as, “You are unstoppable!”


Brains & Beauty Dolls creator, Niya Dorsey truly believes a young life can be inspired through doll play when the doll is a reflection of you. “By offering beautiful black dolls online, we seek to give a gift that will contribute to the individuality and uniqueness that a child possesses.” explains the New Jersey mom of a daughter and a son. “Our dolls are each equipped with a collection of empowering phrases intended to inspire self-love, build character, and establish confidence.” She also states that, “Brains & Beauty Dolls encourages young girls to set the bar high and to fearlessly chase their dreams, while offering a companion they will love for years to come.”


Each of the three dolls – Malia M., Khari, Nia – features designed hair that represents diverse styles including Afro hair, curly hair and hair with locs, to help young girls embrace their own physical features and defy unrealistic beauty standards. They also represent strength, courage, and individuality. Already in the works for the near future, is a boy doll to help celebrate the diverse beauty of the dolls. Malia M. and Khari’s hair is real human hair so it can be washed, flat-ironed and curled! Nia has synthetic locs to capture the natural beauty of the locs. The locs can be adorned with decorative beads and bows.


A fun fact is the name of the creator’s daughter — Malia M.! “I wanted to give my daughter a doll that was created in her own image; one she could relate to. I wanted her to have a doll that would encourage her to believe in herself. Every young child should celebrate themselves instead of feeling insecure or meek. They should feel confident and secure in who they are. Black and biracial representation allows young girls of color to see themselves as valuable, able to develop self-love and embrace diversity.” The NJ businesswoman further explained.


Accessories make doll play even more fun; therefore, Brains & Beauty Dolls also offers activity books, matching girl and doll pajama sets, doll clothing and even a doll suitcase at Prices start at just $7.49 for the Brains and Beauty Dolls: Discovering Who I Am – Reading and Coloring Book. Believe, empower and achieve in style with one of three 18” personalities, now in stock. Not sure which one to pick to give to a special someone? Go for the Gift Card in amounts from $10 to $150 at


Malia M. – With movable limbs and a head that tilts, this 18” doll offers 20 different inspiring messages with a squeeze to the tummy. She arrives with pierced ears, manicured nails and polished toes tucked inside removeable brown boots! Malia M. is ready to play in a denim jacket that covers a pretty white dress embellished with pink polka dots on the bottom and a large pink heart across the torso. So sweet!


Khari – The first thing you notice about Khari beyond her lustrous afro and striking gray eyes, is her African print dress. She compliments the gold, green and purple colors with gold gladiatorstyle sandals. Like her counterpart Malia M., her limbs are movable, she comes with pierced ears and she offers 20 empowering messages like, “Believe in yourself” with a squeeze to the tummy.


Nia – With her beautiful brown eyes and lovely long locs, this 18” doll is ready to play. Nia pairs her purple high top canvas sneakers with a pretty purple and pink tutu dress with the words “Melanin” on the front of the dress. Nia’s locs are synthetic and she also has pierced ears. When a boost of confidence is needed, squeeze her tummy for one of 20 encouraging phrases such as, “You are beautiful!”


Brains & Beauty Dolls are 18-inch multicultural dolls that speak encouraging words. Our goal is to inspire little girls to embrace their uniqueness, individual beauty, intelligence, culture, and leadership ability. We also challenge young girls to achieve their goals and dreams in style. You can dress them in the latest fashions and have fun styling their beautiful versatile hair. See for yourself at