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CloudCo Entertainment and Rainbow Loom Announce Exciting Partnership to Bring Care Bears to Jewelry and Craft Kits

CloudCo Rainbow Loom

Cloudco Entertainment, the proud owner of the iconic Care Bears property, is delighted to announce a new licensing agreement with Rainbow Loom. The collaboration aims to introduce a captivating collection of co-branded products to retailers in 2024. Rainbow Loom, known for its innovative jewelry-making kits, will launch an extensive range of products featuring the beloved Care Bears characters. This collaboration will offer fans a unique opportunity to create their own Care Bears-inspired jewelry and crafts using beads, charms, and DIY figurines.


“We are thrilled to join forces with Cloudco, a brand that shares our core values of promoting sharing, caring, and kindness,” said Choon Ng, Owner and President of Rainbow Loom. “Care Bears has touched the hearts of fans across generations, and we are excited to deliver delightful and innovative products that showcase the magic of the Care Bears to retailers in 2024.”


“We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with Rainbow Loom,” added Amy Sullivan, Head of Retail at Cloudco Entertainment. “Rainbow Loom’s commitment to creativity and self-expression aligns perfectly with the spirit of the Care Bears brand. Together, we will bring unique and engaging products to fans, fostering imagination and spreading the message of sharing and caring.”


Rainbow Loom, as the original brand behind innovative jewelry-making kits, has captured the imagination of children and adults alike. Their creative products inspire self-expression and allow individuals to explore their creativity through vibrant and imaginative designs.


This partnership between Cloudco Entertainment and Rainbow Loom exemplifies their shared commitment to providing fans with high-quality and engaging products that promote imagination, creativity, and the core values of sharing, caring, and kindness.