Dart Zone Unveils Pro-Level “Max Outlaw Ultimate Dart Blaster” to Mass Market

Dart Zone Blasters 1024 x 780 (5)

Dart Zone continues to innovate and lead the half-length dart blaster category with its newest Max Outlaw Ultimate Dart Blaster. Available August 1st exclusively at Target, the Outlaw’s concentrated design rivals the performance of professional-level blasters and sets a new standard for competitive and casual players to dominate the foam dart field.


“This compact, high-power blaster represents the culmination of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of foam blasting technology,” says Vice President of Sales, Bryan Sturtevant. “With its quality performance, pro-level features and sleek design, the Outlaw blaster brings the tactical performance of our larger Max Stryker into an efficient handheld blaster that is worthy of any competitive play in the 14+ category.”


Key features of the Outlaw include:

· An All-Metal Hammered-Action Loading Mechanism to smoothly prime pro-level darts into the chamber.

· A new and improved Auto-Advance (Six) Dart Cylinder with a unique spring system to create an airtight seal when loading the darts.

· Half-Length Ruby Darts designed for distance, pinpoint accuracy and compatibility that can blast up to 125 feet.

· Two Integrated Tactical Sights for pro-level precision dart blasting.


Priced at $30, the Dart Zone Max Outlaw comes fully equipped with an extra Auto-Advance Dart Cylinder and Max Eyewear Gear for the heat of battle. For more casual play, fans can swap out the Ruby half-lengths for other Dart Zone half-length foam darts as well as modify the Outlaw with a lower powered spring for easier priming effort and blaster range under 100 FPS. Lower-powered spring only available for purchase on


In addition to the highly anticipated Outlaw, Dart Zone announces its exclusive Target debut of the motorized Thunderbolt Ultimate Dart Blaster. Designed for speed, accuracy and power, the bright green Thunderbolt blasts Standard-Length Chili Darts at unstoppable pace (100 FPS) and up to 80 feet with motorized power and a rev trigger. For $25, its customizable components, like an adjustable top sight and shoulder stock, creates a tailor-made experience for the 8+ blasting category.


For more in-depth information on all of Dart Zone’s blasters, visit Dart Zone’s Blaster Chat Channel on YouTube.