Goliath Partners with Wondery for the Launch of the Lunar Dial

The Lunar Dial Goliath

The stars have aligned themselves for the exciting launch of The Lunar Dial, a new strategy game brought to you by global toy and game company Goliath in partnership with Morbid, presented by Wondery, a critically acclaimed premium podcast network. The wickedly cool, out-of- this-world game is based on “Morbid”, the currently top-ranking True Crime podcast with over 400 million downloads with each episode getting 1.5 million downloads on average on Apple and Spotify.


Cast and collect cards in celestial realms, enchanting the stars themselves in the game of Lunar Dial. Perfect for 2-4 players, the goal is to collect cards, reveal Zodiacs, and earn moonstones in order to score points; the player with the most moonstones wins! Complete the experience with a table reading guided by the elements revealed in your Zodiac. Zodiac cards are more rare and harder to get than moon cards, but they can give players a special advantage. Intuitive Cancer, for example, lets players take a peek at someone else’s hand.


A growing trend amongst Millennials and Gen Z, this easy-to-learn lightweight celestial strategy game is perfect for those fascinated by the stars, astrology, as well as the mystical arts, and enjoy “new spirituality” including crystals, energy and celestial thematic. Fans will love that The Morbid Wondery shop will be debuting a Lunar Dial capsule collection to support the launch of the game, and will include cropped hoodies, enamel mugs, pins and more!


“I played The Lunar Dial, and I think it’s going to get a lot of new people into these types of games,” says Brian Weiss, President of North America at Goliath. “At the end of each game, you do a group reading using the zodiac cards. Do you know what mine said? This game is going to be a HIT!”


“Themes of astrology, moon phases, and crystals are everything that our Morbid listeners are into right now,” says Ash & Alaina, creators & hosts of the Morbid podcast. “We’re excited to have a partner like Goliath that can translate this into a game that gets you thinking, gets you wondering, and most importantly, brings people together.”


The game will be available for pre-order on Amazon beginning July 17th, 2023, with the first 1000 orders receiving an exclusive art print and sticker! It will be available for $19.99 USD at all retailers Fall 2023.


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