Purpose Toys Reveals Expansion of Popular Naturalistas Doll Line with Littlelistas for National Crown Day

Purpose Toys Littlelistas

In Recognition of National Crown Day, DeeDee Wright-Ward, creator of viral Naturalistas Natural Hair Fashion Dolls and CEO of Purpose Toys (the nation’s largest Black-owned culture-driven toy company and leader of culture-driven products for kids) announces the expansion of Naturalistas, with the forthcoming release of their latest category and new brand, “Littlelistas!”


Littlelistas are a line of 14-inch Crown-Bearing Natural Hair baby dolls, that aim to inspire “A Lifelong Love of Coils, Curls, and Crowns,” by reminding kids to “Be Proud of Your Crown.”


Crown Day is a U.S. holiday that celebrates the first signing of the C.R.O.W.N. Act into legislation in California, on July 3, 2019. The Crown Act is legislation aimed to outlaw Natural Hair discrimination in the workplace and in schools. As children who wear their Natural Crowns are often faced with challenges regarding the lack of authentically textured culture-driven action figures and dolls, as well as unfair hair-related challenges in school and in sports, through Littlelistas Purpose Toys hopes to help build the confidence and self-esteem necessary for Crown-Bearing children to show up as their authentic selves and stand in their truth.


“Currently there is an over-representation of straight hair, wavy, and jewel-toned hair across the Black doll market. The reality is many children of African descent identify with having loc’d, tightly coiled, curly, and natural-colored hair,” stated DeeDee Wright-Ward, Creator of Naturalistas, Littlelistas, and CEO of Purpose Toys. “From the standpoint of authentically representing “Children of Culture,” most doll products marketed to Black children don’t often reflect their beautiful locs, coils, curls, or natural hair color, which can inadvertently send a message that hair that looks like theirs isn’t equally valued. We want to change this.”


Littlelistas features characters Lena and Lily, who have heads full of beautiful 4A coils and tightly curled 3C hair. Kids might also notice their adorable facial features, pretty brown eyes, varying sun-kissed skin tones, and adorable fashions, but most of all…kids will enjoy a matching set of Littlelistas’ signature ‘Wear-and-Share’ Gold Crowns, allowing children to show their pride, celebrate their Natural Crowns, as well as the adorable coily and curly Crowns of Littlelistas.


With the launch of Littlelistas, Purpose Toys continues its mission to “Center and Celebrate Children of Culture” by instilling a sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, hair literacy, hair love, and appreciation from the start.


On National Crown Day and every day, Naturalistas and Littlelistas aim to support the healthy emotional development of children who wear their Natural Hair through nuanced, culture-driven products.


As the world’s first and only Natural Hair fashion doll line carried across major retail, Purpose Toys and Naturalistas are excited for the expansion of Littlelistas and for the opportunity to continue celebrating children with naturally textured hair.


Littlelistas are distributed through Purpose Toys. At a Suggested Retail Price of $24.99 (USD) this adorable Crown-Bearing duo will be available at Target, Amazon, CVS, and more starting August 2023.