Douglas Introduces a Menagerie of Birds for Spring 2024

Douglas Bird

Plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator Douglas has nine new fun birds coming out in Spring 2024. It is up, up, and a way lot of fun with their newest bird intros.


Meet Melody the Robin who recently hopped on the scene with her classic robin looks. You’ll enjoy this little cutie nesting on your windowsill with her bright orange plush belly, soft chocolate plush wings and tail. She is 6” long and has a classic black head with a bright yellow beak.


Nectar the Hummingbird also bears a resemblance to his true-to-life counterpart. He is 7.5” long including his long signature narrow beak. His bodice and wings are limey green with a touch of white and bright orange under his beak. Listen for the humming sound as he flits around your toy room.


The Colorful Chick Assortment screams of Easter fun! O. M. gee you’ll need all three. They are so sweet at 6” long with plump plush bodies, full plush flappy wings and adorable smooth cream feet and beak. The underside of their wings, feet and beak are a soft smooth fabric adding texture to their cuteness. They come in bright citrus hues of pink raspberry, apricot orange and minty turquoise blue.


Dennie the Duck, former member of Douglas’ Mini Soft collection, is now available in two new sizes. Make way for 9” Dennie Soft and 12” Dennie Super Soft Dennie is the quintessential yellow duckie. His ultra-soft fur is fluffy yellow while his beak and webbed feet are bright orange.


Mallorie is a Mini Soft Baby Mallard Duck. She is 7.5” long and looks identical to a real-life baby mallard. She has dark chocolate brown wings, back and tail. Her underbelly and face markings are soft yellow. Her flat bill and webbed feet are also yellow albeit with a smooth texture.


Desie the Mallard Duck Soft also looks very much like a real-life mallard so much so that you won’t want to leave this one out in the field. He has a full tan underbelly, abundant chocolate body, wings, and tail. He has the signature white neck band and smaller emerald head with a flat yellow beak. He even has classic blue markings on his wings.


Designed for ages 3 and up, The new Douglas Birds will be available in early January 2024 Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.


Douglas Company celebrates their 67 years of fun and excitement as a leader in the plush industry! The family-owned and operated business has distribution throughout USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia.