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Iconic Trolley Returns for New Season of ‘Donkey Hodie’

Donkey hodie Trolley

Trolley, beloved by generations of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood fans, is coming down the tracks for the very first time as a real, moving vehicle character in the new Donkey Hodie Season 2– one that Donkey and her friends can climb aboard! Five new episodes will debut on PBS KIDS beginning August 14 (and streaming for free), introducing the reimagined Trolley, whose distinctive “dings” were created with the exact same celeste (a small piano-like instrument) used in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood


Donkey Hodie is inspired by the funny, quirky side of Fred Rogers and the series features lots of cool nods to the children’s television pioneer. In this new season, in addition to Trolley, kids and families will meet Turtle-Lou, a “Speedy Delivery” turtle modeled after the beloved Mr. McFeely. Turtle-Lou will even sing the well-known “Speedy Delivery” song in an episode premiering on August 16.


Additionally, four new episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, another top-rated Fred Rogers Productions series – and the first Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood spin-off – also featuring Trolley will premiere on PBS KIDS that very same week, August 14, with all-new episodes featuring timely new strategy songs to help preschoolers and their families prepare for back-to-school.


Donkey Hodie Season 2 Launch Episode Descriptions


Trolley Visits Someplace Else – Ding-ding! Trolley visits Someplace Else for a big party. When the pals need help preparing, can they figure out what Trolley’s dings mean?

Wish Upon a Fish – Donkey thinks her pet fish Rogers is magic and will help her do hard things. But is it magic or practice?

 The Breakfast Bowl – Donkey and Panda compete against each other in the Breakfast Bowl. Can they still have fun if only one of them can win?

Dancing Dandelions – Donkey, Panda, and Bob Dog plant Dancing Dandelion seeds and help each other find the right music to make the flowers grow.

 Speedy Delivery – Turtle-Lou opens a Speedy Delivery service in Someplace Else. But how can he remember which neighbors get which packages? 

Ruff Night – The pals have a sleepover at Bob Dog’s house, and Donkey can’t fall asleep. Can she change her bedtime routine just for tonight?

 A Donkey Dilemma – Donkey promised to help Grampy bathe Gregory and also to play Bubble Bonanza with Panda today. What a dilemma!

The Quiet Game – The pals play too loudly while Rock Star Penguin tries to write a song. They make up a quiet game to help. Who can stay quiet the longest?

Feelings Detectives – Duck Duck has a super big feeling, but she doesn’t know what it is. Detectives Donkey and Panda are on the case! 

Clyde’s Cloudy Day – When Clyde feels sad, the pals want to help him feel better, but he needs time. They give him time until he is ready to play.



Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Episode Descriptions


Daniel Helps Take Care of Margaret – Daniel is upset when Dad Tiger can’t pick him up from school, but Nana Platypus helps take care of him.

Daniel Goes to the Dinosaur Playground – On a class trip, Daniel wants to stay with his mom, but she reminds him that Teacher Harriet is also there to take care of him.  

 Daniel’s Important Job at the Market – Daniel and Dad help Prince Tuesday at the market.

Daniel’s Important Job at the Enchanted Garden – Daniel is excited to plant flowers, but becomes upset when he gets the job of weeding. He learns that everyone’s job is important!  

Everyone Has a Turn at Show and Tell – Daniel and his classmates learn how to take turns during Show and Tell. 

Daniel Takes Turns at the Pool – At the Neighborhood pool, Daniel and Miss Elaina take turns playing with the bubble wand. Later, he and Prince Wednesday take turns using a pool noodle.

 Daniel and Max Ask to Play – Daniel and Max see their friends playing, but don’t know how to join in. They learn that sometimes you just have to ask! 

Daniel Asks to Play at the Music Shop – O the Owl is worried about joining his friends, but when he asks if he can play too, they say yes!