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Licensing Street to Represent MOLANG in the United States

Molang Licensing Street heathside

Millimages, one of the oldest independent animation studios and IP developers in Europe, has appointed US agency Licensing Street to represent its iconic brand MOLANG in North America.


MOLANG is an international TV, social media, licensing, and merchandising phenomena with over 950 consumer products from 80+ licensees, and 312 animated episodes broadcast worldwide. In the US the brand has had huge exposure and engagement to date with 85 million views on YouTube Kids and almost a million on the adult YouTube channel. In the US in 2023 alone, Molang reached 380K Tik Tok subscribers, 78K on Instagram and 32K on Facebook, while the six animated series have been aired in the US on Disney Junior, Netflix, Hulu, Kidoodle TV, Playground, and Hopster.


Alexandra Algard Mikanowski, Licensing & Merchandising Director, Millimages, added, “We are delighted that MOLANG will join Licensing Street’s list of outstanding and successful IPs. Licensing Street’s approach to L&M, in particular their strength in retail development, is an ideal match for this iconic brand as it builds on its huge popularity with Gen Z and millennial audiences, both on social and on shelves. We look forward to working together to ensure every American fan has a gorgeous MOLANG plushie by the end of the year!”


Jason Korfine, Partner, Licensing Street, commented, “Molang is all about kindness, joy and positivity, with a unique and instantly recognizable style. We look forward to finding new ways to expand this message with exciting new concepts in fashion, accessories, home décor, stationery, and more.”

Recent global deals for MOLANG that cover the US include the launch of a ground-breaking YouTube channel in June featuring MOLANG as an influencer, and a 73-piece apparel capsule collection aimed at the 16–35-year-old market.


Based on the illustration of Korean artist Hye Ji Yoon and the creation of the Molang universe by French author Marie Caroline Villand, Millimages started producing the TV series in 2015, which now has over 312 episodes and has been sold in 195 countries. The TV success quickly grew into the digital sensation it is today, evolving into a lifestyle brand with a hugely successful consumer products programme. Kind and affectionate, Molang has a unique, instantly recognizable style, representing the values of empathy, softness, tenderness and joy. Molang has no nationality, is ageless and gender-neutral, caring for everyone and everything.