Mattel’s All-new Animated Series Barbie: A Touch of Magic Debuts September 14

Barbie A Touch of Magic

Mattel, Inc (NASDAQ: MAT) announced that Barbie is returning to Malibu with all new adventures – and a bit of magic – with the brand new animated series, Barbie: A Touch of Magic, premiering September 14 on Netflix. As Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts forge new friendships and embark on mystical adventures at the shore, they soon discover that magic and fantasy fill every corner of their world.


While enjoying life by the beach in Malibu, Barbie and Barbie stumble upon a mysterious baby horse and work together to find where their new friend came from. It soon comes to light that the mysterious little horse is Peggy, a baby Pegasus, sent to Malibu on a mysterious mission. Barbie and Barbie must look to their friends and family to help keep their new friend safe from the clutches of Rocki, a magical being with her own mystical agenda. Featuring all-new original music, Barbie and Barbie find the magic in the world around them in Barbie: A Touch of Magic.


“More than ever before, Barbie is a cultural phenomenon, showcasing the brand’s global message that anybody can be anything through content that consistently appeals to the creativity and wonder within our worldwide audience,” said Alex Godfrey, Vice President of Content Distribution, Mattel Television. “Our animated Netflix content has always been a focal point for the reinvigoration of the Barbie brand, and A Touch of Magic promises to bring the same level of fantasy fans have enjoyed in our previous series and specials to the forefront once again by delivering all new adventures focused on fun, friendship and all things Barbie.”


When Barbie: A Touch of Magic debuts this fall, it will mark a return to the series environment introduced in 2018’s highly popular Barbie DreamHouse Adventures, with Barbie and Barbie interacting with many of the same friends and places seen in the successful series. Amidst a fantastical background, the series aims to imbue the younger generation of fans with the same sense of wonder many have experienced from Barbie content during their childhood, with today’s kids and families experiencing a Barbie adventure all their own.


Season 1 of Barbie: A Touch of Magic will consist of 13 22-minute episodes, and will be available on Netflix in the U.S. as well as on Pop (UK), SuperRTL (Germany), Cartoonito & Boing (Italy), Minimax (Eastern Europe), with additional broadcast and streaming partners to be announced.