MGA Entertainment Brings Innovation to the Feature Plush Category with Launch of New Brand, Fluffie Stuffiez

Fluffie Stuffiez MGA

MGA Entertainment (MGA), one of the largest and fastest-growing privately held toy and entertainment companies in the world, has officially announced the launch of the its newest brand, Fluffie Stuffiez. Featuring a cast of huggable, lovable, fluffy plush characters with big personalities, the new line offers the experience of unboxing, collectability, ASMR, fidget and just plain fun.


Fluffie Stuffiez is an incredibly soft and fluffy all-in-one plush toy with three ways to play: PULL IT, REVEAL IT, and STUFF IT. After removing your Fluffie Stuffiez from the soft, squishy bag, PULL out the outer layer of its fluff to REVEAL the surprise character underneath – an oddly satisfying activity that keeps kids engaged for hours. Then STUFF the pulled-off fluff into the squishy bag, which becomes a second toy made from the loose fluff for squishy, tactile fun. This unique innovation, featuring patent-pending fabric fur, completely disrupts the feature plush category, giving kids an incredible, huggable, collectible, most enjoyable fun and cool experience unlike any other on the market today.


“MGA Entertainment has a strong track record of innovating new brands that consumers love, like L.O.L. Surprise!, Rainbow High, Bratz, and MGA’s Miniverse, to name a few,” said Isaac Larian, Founder and CEO of MGA Entertainment. “The launch of the new Fluffie Stuffiez plush line builds upon our incredible legacy of innovation. We’ve built 13 brands from scratch that have reached more than $100M in sales, and we are confident that Fluffie Stuffiez is the next big brand to be added to that list.”


Targeted to kids ages six to nine years old, Fluffie Stuffiez has six families of plush to collect – the Rainbow family, Unicorn family, Treats family, Bear family, Axolotl family, and Sky family – each with a surprise character hiding underneath the first layer of fluff. Some characters are more widely available, while others range from rare to ultra-rare, like the rainbow-colored Scout Bear, making them especially collectible and fun to find. Each family has one or two different characters that can be revealed. Characters come in a small and large size with a special hangtag that shares a quote that speaks to their unique personalities.


“I am obsessed with Fluffie Stuffiez!!” said Pressley Hosbach, the dancer, actress, singer and model taking TikTok by storm, and a role model to kids everywhere. “They mixed all the internet trends I love in one toy including: unboxing, huggability, collecting, ASMR, and fidget-fun. I can’t wait to get my hands on more and collect them all!”


Consumers can enjoy Fluffie Stuffiez for delayed gratification or race to pull the fluff off quickly. On average, it takes about 30-45 minutes to fully pull a small plush to reveal the surprise character underneath and around 1-1.5 hours for a large plush. Fans are encouraged to customize in different ways and have the freedom to pull off the fluff in fun shapes or designs, such as giving their characters colorful mohawks or mustaches. They can even use the loose fluff to place on top of their plush to create unique hairstyles.


The element of surprise that comes with revealing a new character under the first layer of fluff, the soothing ASMR component, the extended play pattern, and the zany personalities of this plush toy are what make Fluffie Stuffiez an instant sensation.


Fluffie Stuffiez is available at Walmart, Amazon and Target in the U.S. and at major retailers globally. To learn more about Fluffie Stuffiez, visit and engage with the brand on Instagram and TikTok.