Series 5 of Moosh-Moosh Launches from MMG Brands


If you asked a kid to snuggle a pineapple or a cactus, would they do it? Absolutely, both retailers and parents agree–if they are Moosh-Moosh Series 5 pillow-y pals. The yellow pineapple with the green leafy top named Ana and the soft and friendly cactus with pretty red flowers named Maya are two of the dozen soft and squishy pillow plush toys from Moosh-Moosh. Ana and Maya and an armload of 12” x 8”x 6” pals are the perfect size and shape to comfort, to cuddle and to collect.


After all, who couldn’t use a cuddle? Since their debut, Moosh-Moosh has wowed every age and every stage of the family from a bed accessory to the dorm room — where a friendly face is most needed. Toy industry experts over the years have touted Moosh-Moosh as the softest plush pals around.


“Kids bond instantly with these playful plush companions, cuddling with them, engaging in pretend play and taking them along everywhere they go,” wrote one Tillywig Toy Award judge. “At nap time and bed time, these Plushies are a snuggly source of comfort that helps soothe youngsters into the restorative state of rest and relaxation they sorely need. When it’s time to rise and shine again, their adorable plush friend is waiting by their side, ready for more fun and play.”


Caregivers in search of a MESH (Mental, Emotional and Social Health) toy for children and teens will discover that these bedtime buddies and/or cuddle companions can really help kids learn to navigate strong emotions and difficult experiences. It’s hard to feel sad for long when you interact with Skipper, the clownfish plushie with a shy smile, or Nebula, the pastel magical unicorn.


“The perfect fit for the sensory seeking tween or teen,” was how Autism described Moosh-Moosh in its Top Sensory Award write up. “Their super cool shape and design make them more socially acceptable than the stuffed animals associated with childhood years.”


The Series 5 Collection features a dozen cuddly characters, each with an endearing facial expression and bright colors. Moosh-Moosh strives to provide consumers with the highest quality plush pals at the best possible prices. Even better, these plushies are machine washable when spills happen!