Carrera Revell of Americas Unveils Exciting New Licenses for 2024 at Toy Fair New York

Revell Carrera Nascar

Carrera Revell of Americas, the world market leader in the slot car segment and a leading brand for authentic model kits and 3D puzzles, is thrilled to announce an exceptional array of new licenses set to captivate enthusiasts and collectors in 2024. These new additions reflect the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality products to its ever-growing audience. In celebration of its 60-year anniversary, Carrera will also showcase a full slot car display in partnership with Slot Mods at Toy Fair New York, where the exciting details of these new licenses will be unveiled.


Carrera 1st: Batwheels Carrera Revell of Americas is set to ignite the racing world with a dynamic license for Carrera 1st slot car racing sets. Fans ages three and up can now experience the thrill of Batwheels characters on the racetrack. The fusion of iconic superheroes and high-speed racing promises an electrifying experience for both collectors and young enthusiasts.


Revell 3D Puzzles: Game of Thrones: House Of The Dragon and One Piece Revell 3D Puzzles continues to push the boundaries of creativity with two epic licenses. Fans of the fantasy realm can immerse themselves in the intricate world of Game of Thrones: House Of The Dragon, reconstructing breathtaking scenes and architecture in three-dimensional detail. Additionally, followers of One Piece can look forward to building captivating puzzles that bring the beloved characters and locales to life.


Revell Model Kits: James Bond and Stranger Things Revell’s iconic model kits line gets a double dose of intrigue with the inclusion of licenses from the world of entertainment. James Bond enthusiasts can channel their inner secret agent as they assemble meticulously designed model kits inspired by the legendary spy franchise. On the other hand, fans of the supernatural can delve into the mysterious realm of Stranger Things, crafting intricate models that capture the essence of the acclaimed TV series.


“We’re thrilled to unveil these exciting new licenses for 2024,” said Frank Tiessen, President at Carrera Revell of Americas. “Our team is dedicated to bringing joy and innovation to hobbyists, collectors, and fans around the world. With these iconic franchises, we’re opening the doors to endless possibilities and creative exploration.” Carrera Revell of Americas remains committed to delivering top-quality products that inspire imagination and offer a unique hands-on experience. As the new licenses for 2024 join the company’s diverse range of offerings, enthusiasts can anticipate a year filled with creativity, excitement, and the joy of bringing beloved characters and worlds to life.


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