Kids for Culture Reveals Its Top 5 Baby Gifts to Pick Something Positive for the Tots on the List

Kids for Culture

Kids will quickly discover that everyone is a little different so why not gift them books and toys that help them grow into a well-rounded child? This holiday season, parents and grandparents can take a walk down the toy aisle at Walmart or click on and discover the Kids For Culture collection. Their Top 5 Gift Picks are priced at $12.99 and under!


Each of the beautifully designed books and toys is sprinkled with a touch of diversity and self-awareness for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Instead of once upon a time, parents can read aloud M is for Mind. I can do anything I set my mind to in the award-winning ABC Affirmation Board Book. The ABC book with a twist was beloved by parent evaluators for National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA). “I think this affirmation book is great. It’s a great way to talk to your children about believing in themselves and celebrating their uniqueness and differences,” reviewed one parent.


Does your dolly or blankie spread positivity? Leave it to Kids For Culture to create Positive Pals Blanket Dolls with crinkle and teether — available in three skin tones. These soft and cuddly pals are designed to promote empowerment, diversity and inclusion. There is so much goodness packaged in this 10” snuggle toy, priced positively perfect at under $6!


¿Habla español? Bilingual babies and toddlers are the future in this global society. Little Lingo: A Language Book For Kids  board book showcases four (!) different languages for everyday words. Soft books made to be touched are a specialty for Kids For Culture with two recommended titles. Affirmation & Shapes Sensory Panel Book and Soft Activity Book stimulate little fingers, eyes and ears. The books’ small size makes them perfect to tuck in the diaper bag or suitcase when traveling over the river and through the woods this holiday season.


Grownups understand that representation matters. It’s a fact that when children see books and toys that resemble them — their hair, their skin tone, their language – it makes a vivid and positive impact on their developing self-esteem and development. It’s what Kids For Culture calls fostering cultural competence. When tots embrace diversity, they can appreciate the richness it brings to their lives. Look for these Top 5 Kids For Culture gifts, below, in stock now and ready for gift giving!


ABC Affirmation Board Book • Ages Newborn+ • NAPPA Award winner

This affirmation board book teaches the ABCs and helps build baby’s or toddler’s confidence with positive words. Starting with A and ending with Z, look for 26 affirmations such as O is for Opinion. I will not let the opinion of others define me. This empowering book measures a sturdy 6” x 6” and is written and illustrated by sisters Kristen O’Mealley and Lamia Haley.


Little Lingo Language Book • Ages Newborn+

With sweet illustrations by LaTanja Jones Snelling, this sturdy book introduces the next generation to the excitement of learning foreign languages. The book boasts 50 Words in four popular languages: English. Spanish. French and Mandarin. This book is a fun and engaging way to boost children’s vocabulary while teaching them different languages from around the world — or perhaps one day in their classroom.


Soft Activity Book • Ages Newborn+

Kids for Culture soft activity book with teethers is designed as a playbook to engage and teach babies anywhere and at any time they are awake! The interactive book promotes self-esteem, empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. Each of the eight printed fabric pages feature colorful designs and patterns with crinkles, for visual and sound stimulation plus two teethers to promote tactile stimulation. The travel clip allows the book to be attached to bags, strollers, carriers, or car seats. At just 5.5- inches, the soft book is easy to grasp.


Affirmation & Shapes Sensory Panel Book • Ages Newborn+

This five-page book has colorful patterns, shapes, and words on both sides. The interactive features include a mirror and crinkle pages for visual and sound stimulation. The accordionstyle book closes with Velcro and is suitable for children of all ages. Measuring just 4.5 inches, each activity page offers something for little eyes and ears and fingers to explore. Some parents have used it as an adorable prop for a milestone photo shoot!


Positive Pals Blanket Dolls with Crinkle and Teether • Ages Newborn+

Babies will be engaged with the soft blanket body accented with satin, knotted corners, crinkle sound and textured teether. Choose among the three gender-neutral dolls with different skin tones, a friendly face and soft body with an embroidered I Am Loved affirmation on it. The doll has embroidered facial features and sewn in hair making it safe and suitable for all ages. The 10” snuggle toy is designed to promote self-esteem, empowerment, diversity and inclusion through play.