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Patch Collection Celebrates Loteria Don Clemente

Loteria Don Clemente Patch Collection

Patch Collection, the largest licensed patch retailer, is thrilled to announce their newest partnership at Patch Collection – a captivating licensing agreement with the renowned Loteria Don Clemente brand.


Loteria Don Clemente is a popular and entertaining bingo style card game often played during family gatherings, holidays, and social events in Mexico and among Hispanic communities around the world. It is a simple and enjoyable way to bring people together and celebrate Mexican culture and traditions. Additionally, the game’s artistic and colorful cards have become iconic symbols of Mexican folklore and are sometimes used in art and decorations.


“This collaboration holds a special place in our hearts as we continue to curate and provide our customers with the most unique and vibrant patches,” said Ray Nguyen, President of Patch Collection. “Loteria Don Clemente’s rich cultural heritage and iconic designs perfectly align with our mission to offer products that are not just patches, but pieces of art that tell stories.”


Just in time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Patch Collection has released a collection of 52 iron-on patches depicting the iconic Loteria Don Clemente deck of cards where tradition meets fashion while paying homage to the legacy of Loteria, but with a modern twist.


“As a native Mexican, it is very exciting to see the Loteria cards in the form of vibrant iron-on patches to add a piece of heritage and nostalgia to any garment and accessory,” said Vivian Velasco, president of Pacific Swell Brands, the licensing agency that brokered and manages the license.


The collection is now available at


Loteria Don Clemente is one of the most recognized Mexican brands and the most beloved, iconic and popular family game. Loteria has become part of Mexican culture because it reflects the iconic aspects of Mexico’s customs, beliefs and traditions. With a rich history of over a hundred years, this bingo-style card game has become a tradition that has been passed down by generations of Hispanics and is a piece of home to Hispanic communities throughout the United States that ties them to their families and communities near and far. Don Clemente, Inc. is the representative of the Loteria game rights in the U.S.


Today, Loteria Don Clemente has a thriving licensing program across numerous product categories including apparel, accessories, footwear, gift and novelty, slot machines, lotto scratchers, personal care, posters, and more with retail distribution at department, mass, specialty, c-stores, casinos and others.


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