TOTY Finalist Miniland Partners with National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) in Honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month

NDSS miniland

To celebrate their continued commitment to representation and inclusion, Miniland is once again partnering with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month this October. The brand previously supported NDSS through a fundraiser with independent retailers, sponsorship of NDSS’ annual NYC Buddy Walk in Central Park in 2022, and donations through the now defunct AmazonSmiles program.


Throughout October, Miniland is sharing content and resources from the NDSS including information on the benefits of sensory and doll play among young children with Down syndrome, hosting giveaways, and encouraging consumers to learn more about Down syndrome. They are also spotlighting a child with Down syndrome every week on their Instagram page @MinilandUSA, sharing personal stories and motivational messages from these children’s families.


“The incredible success of our dolls with Down syndrome demonstrates to children the importance of respect and acceptance, through the best learning tool available: play,” said Clara Roque, National Sales Manager for Miniland USA. “We feel honored to have been given the support that NDSS has shown us for the past two years in order to promote the need for education and kindness around the world.”


This partnership aligns with a key aspect of the NDSS mission to empower individuals with Down syndrome and their families by driving policy change, providing resources, engaging with local communities, and shifting public perceptions.


“Changing the way people see individuals with Down syndrome a key aspect of what we do at NDSS,” said NDSS President & CEO Kandi Pickard. “We are thrilled to continue partnering with Miniland as they increase representation through their dolls with Down syndrome and celebrate the abilities of our loved ones with Down syndrome on social media this Down Syndrome Awareness Month.”


“Creating toys that are beneficial to all children, regardless of who they are, where they’ve come from, what they look like, is at the core of what we do as a brand,” said Roque. “It makes it possible for children to know they are noticed, valued, and accepted, just as they are. For many children, our dolls have given them the first opportunity they’ve had to play with a doll that looks like them. We hope to continue to encourage self-acceptance and belonging for generations to come.” For more information about Miniland’s award-winning products, head to Miniland Dolls and @MinilandUSA on Instagram. For additional information about the National Down Syndrome Society, head to NDSS.