Toy Association Moves Toy Fair Back to NYC for 2026 and Beyond

Toy Fair 2023 2026 2025 exhibitors

Just over two weeks after the conclusion of 2023’s New York toy Fair at the Javits Center, the Toy Association has released an open letter indicating that Toy Fair will no longer be moving to New Orleans in the future, and will instead remain in New York. Aaron Muderick and The Toy Association Board of Directors addressed the toy industry, expressing gratitude for both the positive feedback for the successful show this year, as well as the more critical reactions to the initial New Orleans relocation. Citing the adaptability of the industry post pandemic, the TA had looked toward the future to a potential change in time and date to reflect current needs and create a new tradition. However, once the feedback came through, it was clear that New York was the place to be. It is thanks to that same adaptability that this feedback can be acknowledged and addressed.


Aaron Muderick, Chair of the Toy Association Board of Directors and Founder of Crazy Aaron’s remarks in the letter, “It has become abundantly clear through the passionate reaction, that the PLACE holds as much or more importance than the DATE, and that the industry’s desired location for the great industry-wide coming together remains New York City. Thus, we have recommitted to New York and the Javits Center. We will return to the first available opening (March 1- 4, 2025) and are working with Javits Center leadership to confirm dates in February for 2026 and beyond.”


To read the full open letter, click here.