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MeteoHeroes Broadcast Growth Continues in Asia, Africa and Europe

Meteoheroes Asia

In the run-up to Asia TV Forum and Market (ATF), Asia’s leading entertainment content market, Mondo TV Group, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content, has announced the arrival of award-winning hit kids’ animation MeteoHeroes – co-produced by Mondo TV S.p.A and Meteo Expert (MOPI srl) – in multiple markets in Asia, Africa and Europe.


Series one (52 x 7’) and series two (52 x 13’) of the wildly popular environmentally theme show have been sold to Cineplex of Thailand, a leading pay TV channel. They will broadcast on True-branded channels and True-branded platforms, both on an exclusive pay TV and a non-exclusive free TV basis.


Both series are also going to Jei Broadcasting Corporation (Jei TV) of South Korea, a leading pay TV channel, which acquired both exclusive pay TV rights and non-exclusive SVOD rights.


Series two is also going to Greater China via distributor SPE HK, which handles the rights for series one and series two.


Standalone sales of series one have also been announced. Distributor Mi Media International in Brunei has free-to-air TV rights for Brunei, as does public channel MBC for Mauritius, and commercial channel RTL Klub for Hungary.


Specific dates are unconfirmed but Meteoheroes show launches for Asia, Africa and Europe are expected to take place in late 2023 and throughout 2024.


MeteoHeroes is the only cartoon in the world dedicated entirely to climate and environmental issues. It is now in its fourth year of success with a presence in over 180 countries and 22 languages. The second season of MeteoHeroes premiered on Cartoonito and Canal Plus in summer 2023 and is already matching the success of the first series in a number of markets. MeteoHeroes has also won multiple awards for both its quality as a kids and family entertainment show and for its sustainability message.


Thanks to the exclusive partnership of the show’s co-producers with mega hit-maker Kenn Viselman (Teletubbies, Thomas the Tank Engine), MeteoHeroes is also on PBS in the US where it is a partner in the most comprehensive climate education initiative in the world supported by PBS stations across America, KIDS FIRST!, Mondo TV Studios (now part of Spain’s Squirrel Media), Meteo Experts and Adventure2Learning, which has committed to reach 30,000 schools and 15 million kids, aged 4-to-10 in USA and millions of school-aged children around the world.


A podcast – MeteoHeroes Adventures (52×7’) – which launched on the Adventure2Learning platform, is now available on all podcasting platforms, and a videogame – MeteoHeroes – Saving Planet Earth – co-produced by Mondo TV Studios (now part of Spain’s Squirrel Media), Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Gammera Nest, has been launched globally on digital platforms.


Matteo Corradi, Mondo TV CEO, says: “The global success of MeteoHeroes is continuing to grow as it enters new markets where, I am sure, it will continue to entertain, educate and delight young viewers – just as it has in more than 180 countries to date!”