Moosh-Moosh Launches All-New Products for Holiday 2023

Moosh-Moosh holiday 2023

With visions of gingersnaps, nutcrackers and elves in their heads, the designers at Moosh-Moosh have reimagined the most delicious ideas of holiday 2023 the perfect presents for every kid (and kidult) on the list. Are those Slipperz winking at me? Yes, when it’s Gingersnaps sporting a red bow tie. The cutest and most creative holiday 2023 presents are being rolled out this week online at the Moosh-Moosh website. 


The cuddly Moosh-Moosh Christmas Collection for holiday 2023 introduces one-size-fits-all Hoodies, matching Slipperz, six new Squared and a dozen new Sleep Pillow personalities. Because everyone knows big things come in small packages, the Clipz collection boasts 10 new plush toy characters to attach to a coat zipper, backpack or diaper bag. 


Some households hide an elf by a shelf but Jingle, one of four holiday-themed Starlight Buddies can sit upright on a bed, a desk or in the car to Grandma’s house. His green elf outfit is accessorized with a curled pointy hat, a red belt, tiny Christmas trees under each foot and stars in his eyes! The attention to detail at under $20 is incredible. The National Parenting Center, which evaluates thousands of products a year for its coveted Seal of Approval, agrees, and just awarded Moosh-Moosh its Holiday Seal. 


Each Moosh-Moosh arrives with a name and design that is instantly endearing. Look for Jingle, Mitzy, Jack, Frost and Holly this month among the many new releases. No matter the size or style, a Moosh-Moosh is always the softest, squishiest, cuddliest plush buddy on the market today. With so many personalities in the Holiday Collection, now kids can clipz on mini Mitzy, wear a brown hoodie Mitzy complete with antlers, cover your feet with warm Mitzy slipperz then snuggle on the couch with Mitzy the Starlight Buddy. Ho ho ho! 


Sean Price, Executive VP, Chief Marketing Officer of parent brand MMG Brands explains, “Moosh-Moosh is your ultimate cuddly companion designed to bring joy and comfort wherever they go, serving as a cozy pillow pal, a bedtime buddy, or simply a delightful plush friend to clip onto your backpack. There’s something soft and friendly for everyone on the list to get into the holiday spirit.” 


Smiles are instantaneous when holding a pillow with pizazz boasting the cutest details for little ones to discover. This season look for a snowman’s tilted black hat, reindeer antlers in red plaid, red and white swirls of peppermint or stringed colored lights as featured on Squared Pillow Tanz. 


This award winning plush accessory line continually garners rave reviews from children, tweens, teens, and even kidults! From preschool to the dorm room, they are adoptable and adorable. 


Moosh-Moosh Hooded Blankets – These one-size-fits-all covering might reach from the neck down to the knees in Christmas-y style. Choose from six themed styles with cute hood features from a carrot nose on Jack to the snow leopard spots on Snowie. Mitzy has brown antlers and Jingle is all green with pointy ears and a jester cap. Peckington is ready for the icy winter weather. The sixth holiday hoodie is the best for last – Santa! The jolly hoodie is red with a stitched on black buckle-like belt and a Santa face on the hood. 


Moosh-Moosh Slipperz – Youth size 2-6 – Adult size 6-12 – Slip the tootsies into these warm and oh-so-cute styles, many matching the hoodies! The incredible details will make eyes wide and lips smile. Choose from eight personalities: Yuki, Eduard, Gingersnaps, Mintie, Mitzy, Peckington, Santa and Snowie. 


Moosh-Moosh Sleep Pillow – Measuring 18” by 12” across, these themed pillows will have everyone doing a double take as they walk by the bed! There are twelve fun faces to choose from with nutcracker, elf, peppermint and jolly red cap details among the bunch. Holiday 2023 Collection features: Elfred, Kira, Artie, Stuart, Treestan, Jack, Melani, Renoff and Pixca to namedrop a few! Elfred’s big eyes and pointy ears are topped with a red jolly jester hat.


Moosh-Moosh Squared – It’s hip to be square and these boxy buddies never disappoint. New for the holidays are six sweet pals: Belle, Crumbles, Frost, Holly, Tanzy and Pepper. Pepper’s rich details remind little ones of peppermint candy down to the red and white lock of hair on the forehead. Moosh-Moosh Starlight Buddies • $19.99 How much joy can your arms wrap around? From the bedroom to the dorm room, these plush characters get everyone in the spirit of Christmas. Choose one or collect all four: Jack, Jingle, Mitzy and Santa. 


Moosh-Moosh Clipz – Perfect for a stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift, these mini plushies come in ten new personalities: Eduard, Gingersnaps, Jack, Jungle, Mintie, Mitzy, Peckington, Santa, Snowie and Yuki. Little details from Jingle’s elf ears to Eduard’s red and black plaid antlers make this season especially joyous. L to R: Gingersnaps, Jingle, Eduard, Jack, Santa, Mitzy, Peckington, Mintie, Snowie, Yuki Tis the season for making spirits bright! Follow Moosh-Moosh pals on Facebook, You Tube, Pinterest and Instagram.