Playview Brands Launches NERF BUNKR BattleZones for Holiday 2023


The holidays may not always be full of family cheer, but Playview Brands has one surefire way to turn any family feud into a super-charged showdown with NERF BUNKR BattleZones! With a complete line of inflatable high-impact graphic cubes, forts, obstacles, and storage sets that transform any area, indoor or outdoor, into an instant adrenaline-filled arena, NERF BUNKR BattleZones is more than a game — it’s a new holiday tradition!


NERF BUNKR BattleZones aims to elevate NERF play through strategy and endless customization. Available in a variety of battle-ready sets, these easy to inflate and deflate stackable barriers are equipped with game cards that introduce new ways to play with NERF, leveling up the fun to blast fans into an all-new adventure! Playview also offers a transport and storage line, which allows for easy organization while halting the fun to ensure your own personal action-packed arena is ready whenever and wherever you are — whether that’s at a friend’s or an impromptu family snowball fight!


“Imagination has always been the most important part of any NERF shootout,” said Andrew Sparkes, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Playview Brands. “We want to extend the possibilities of blaster play by implementing strategy-based action and allowing NERF fans to create the arena of their dreams to fuel memories for years to come anywhere and all year long.”


In a generation of screen-dominated entertainment, NERF BUNKR BattleZones energizes play by bringing NERF fans, young and old, the thrill of intense shootouts, daring escapes, and heart-pounding last-minute victories, all within the safety of these dynamic and durable inflatable barriers. Ready to take cover? Playview’s NERF BUNKR BattleZones line is available on Amazon and Toys R Us, and includes:

NERF BUNKR Battle Zones Competition Pack
NERF BUNKR Battle Fort
NERF BUNKR Battle Storage & Transport
Combat Carrier Case
Battle On Backpack
Stow & Go Clash Cache


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