Symbiote Studios Reveals Plush Toy Lineup Through 1st Half of 2024

Symbiote Studios

Symbiote Studios, the global leader in original and licensed plush toys, has revealed its product lineup through the first half of 2024. Featuring a combination of original designs such as company mascot Catnip Bravo in addition to product lines based on leading entertainment and video game properties such as My Little Pony, Transformers, Shovel Knight and Power Rangers, every Symbiote Studios plush features an exciting design that is fun to display or hug. A new trailer is now available showcasing the full Symbiote Studios plush toy lineup, all of which are available for purchase now. In addition to the currently available lineup, new plush toys featuring AiAi from the Super Monkey Ball video game series by Sega and Starlight Glitter from My Little Pony will be launching soon.


“Ever since Symbiote Studios was founded in 2007, our goal has been to use our proprietary manufacturing process to create the highest quality plush toys in the world,” said Joseph Reiter, Symbiote Studios founder. “Whether your plush is a proud declaration of fandom or a treasured companion to hug, with Symbiote Studios all your friends are right here.”


Symbiote Studios is a trusted and proven partner for key IP holders, creating plush toys for a wide range of entertainment and video game properties such as Hasbro, Sega and Yacht Club Games. In addition to licensed toys, Symbiote Studios creates its own original characters and designs, from company mascot Catnip Bravo to the ultra-soft Plush Melts line.


To share its 2024 product lineup with as many people as possible, Symbiote Studios has re-launched its website and social media channels. Visit, follow and subscribe on YouTubeInstagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) to browse and purchase products, enjoy Catnip Bravo comics and watch videos that bring the quality and joy of every Symbiote Studios plush toy to life.