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YouTube’s Leading DIY & Crafter, Moriah Elizabeth, Partners with Bonkers Toys to Launch Licensed Toy Line at Major Retailers

Moriah Elizabeth Bonkers Toys

Social media sensation Moriah Elizabeth, has partnered with Bonkers Toys to launch a mystery plush set inspired by the characters that have charmed millions of fans. The Moriah Elizabeth 6” Mystery Plush Series 1 hits mass retail for the first time and is now available at Walmart stores nationwide.


The mystery plush comes in vibrant colors and soft material, and includes many of Moriah’s beloved characters, such as Pickle, Georgie and Cousin Derp. The series is blind-boxed, making each one a fun surprise to open. The products will roll out to all major retailers in the US in Spring 2024.


“I am thrilled to partner with Bonkers,” said Moriah Elizabeth. “The leap into retail is a huge step. It’s so exciting that people can now take my characters right off the shelf and home with them. This is a whole new way for me to share my creativity, and hopefully bring a little more joy into the world.”


Dan Meyer, head of brands at Bonkers Toys, stated, “Moriah Elizabeth has combined her passion for crafts, character creation skills and hilarious personality to become one of the top DIY art and craft channels on YouTube, with over 9 million subscribers. We are excited to launch her adored characters at retail, crafted with the utmost care and quality that Bonkers is known for.”


Brian Bonnett, CEO of Bonkers Toys, added, “Moriah has had tremendous success with direct-to-consumer launches in the past, and now she can reach her legions of fans with our products that are now available at major retail.”


Bonkers has plans to launch a comprehensive Moriah Elizabeth toy line in Fall 2024, including full sized plush, collectible figures, and giant mystery eggs.


Moriah is represented by Michael Gordon at Night.


Bonkers Toys has become known in the toy industry as the leader in YouTube and Creator based toys. Bonkers was the first licensee for Ryan’s World, and pioneered this category with flagship toys including the Giant Mystery Egg & Cap’n Ryan’s Mega Mystery Treasure Chest. Bonkers Toys has also partnered with other top creators like Lankybox and Aphmau to create best-selling toy lines. Bonkers Toys’ lineup of award-winning toys have been featured on the TODAY Show, GMA, Parents, Good Housekeeping and NBC Nightly News. For more information visit