Amazon and Readyland Revolutionize Interactive Play

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With their groundbreaking collaboration, Amazon and Readyland have redefined storytelling with an unprecedented interactive play experience. Their highly-anticipated bundle, which features the Alexa-interactive book, ‘Owl & Dragon, A Magical Adventure,’ and Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids, has been enthusiastically embraced by consumers and surpassed all expectations this holiday season.


Early holiday orders soared beyond projections and led to sellouts, but with accelerated production and transportation the bundle is now back in stock at The unique pairing offers incredible consumer value while delivering the most innovative story experience available for kids today. With a Readyland book, kids discover new ways to interact with Alexa—they can actually talk with the characters, play games, make music, and be part of an exciting adventure, with hundreds of interactions leading to new discoveries every time. With advanced voice recognition technology, Readyland can even help kids learn to read while having fun in the process.


“We are so happy to announce that our collaboration with Amazon has exceeded all expectations,” stated Joshua Garrett, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Readyland. “Consumers have embraced Readyland, because we provide a completely new world of play and audio engagement that’s both immersive and interactive. As a result, we’re getting retention metrics that are far beyond anything we’ve seen before—kids keep coming back again and again. We’re particularly excited about our future roadmap, and the new opportunities we’re exploring for generative AI and Large Language Models in storytelling, learning, play, and entertainment.”


Feedback from parents and educators has been remarkable. They love all the developmental benefits available with Readyland, and the screen-free experience makes them feel even better about how much kids play with it. “The Readyland team has pioneered an innovative platform that is revolutionizing playful learning for families,” said Rebecca Horrace, Ed.D., founder of Playful Insights and editor of Play in Education. “I look forward to what the Readyland team does next as they integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, into amazing educational experiences.”


The unique Readyland platform is backed by years of dedicated research and development, from the team behind some of the biggest successes in the toy industry, and is now set to expand beyond books to toys and other categories. Unlike other products that feature passive and limited audio playback, Readyland’s unparalleled level of interaction and engagement is poised to elevate a burgeoning category to new heights, promising a new era of interactive play.


The Amazon and Readyland collaboration includes a library of traditional books compatible with any Echo device or the free Alexa smartphone app, creating an immersive, interactive, and engaging experience for kids and families. Setting up parental permissions for the Alexa skill is easy, and parents can find more information at Are you ready? Just say, “Alexa, open Readyland!” to experience the magic and embrace a new dimension of story and play.