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MINISO Announces Exciting Partnership with Care Bears

miniso care bears

MINISO, the world-renowned retailer known for its trendy and affordable products, is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with the beloved brand, Care Bears. This collaboration is set to enchant fans worldwide with an expansive Care Bears-themed product line, adding a sprinkle of nostalgia and joy to MINISO’s offerings.


Cherished across generations for their positive messages and heartwarming presence, Care Bears will now grace MINISO’s shelves in a variety of forms. Shoppers can look forward to an array of items that celebrate the Care Bears’ spirit, from cozy plush toys and stylish accessories to festive decor and blind boxes, which have become a fan favorite for the surprise element they bring.


Drawing inspiration from the beloved Care Bears, MINISO infuses the theme of a “Pink Christmas” into the product range set to launch in December. This unique theme adds a festive touch to the holiday season.


Charlotte Payne, International Licensing Director at Cloudco Entertainment, expressed her excitement about the partnership, saying, “We’re incredibly thrilled about this global partnership. The Care Bears have always stood for love and positivity, and we can’t wait to see how MINISO brings that magic to life through their products.”


This partnership marks a global deal with all MINISO stores launching the collection this week, excluding China, which will launch in January before Chinese New Year. The extensive range includes plush toys, accessories, toiletries, bags, Christmas ornaments, and more.


Stay tuned for the release of these delightful Care Bears products at MINISO stores near you, and make your holidays even more special with a touch of Care Bears magic!