The Ultimate Psychoanalyzing Party Game, ‘Think Like a Shrink’, Launches on Amazon

Think Like a Shrink

Put your psychoanalyzing skills to the test with the newly launched Think Like a Shrink, available for purchase today on Amazon. Brought to you by the innovative card game company Two Docs in a Box, Think Like a Shrink is the brainchild of two best friends – a psychologist, Dr. David Stone and a psychiatrist, Dr. Matt Keene – who have combined their impressive psychology backgrounds and years of friendship to create the ultimate party game.

Think Like a Shrink isn’t your ordinary party game; it’s a unique blend of entertainment and psychological insight crafted by two seasoned experts in the field. Jam packed with content, Think Like a Shrink lightheartedly (and comically) touches upon the relationships between others through gameplay. Players take turns on the “couch” as the Patient, while the others, the Shrinks, predict the Patient’s Thoughts, Feelings, and Experiences by associating random snapshots with captivating prompts.

“Think Like a Shrink is our way of saying, ‘Hey, let’s make psychoanalysis as fun as it is fascinating!’ We’ve poured our hearts, humor, and decades of friendship into this game, and we can’t wait for the world to join in on the laughter,” says Dr. David Stone. “There’s no other game like this on the market and at the end of the day, it provides unforgettable fun to everyone who plays, whether it’s with friends, family or even work colleagues,” he adds.

Dr. Stone and Dr. Keene met three decades ago while serving in the United States Air Force. Both hold impressive professional medical backgrounds and accolades – Dr. Stone received his doctorate from Michigan State University with an emphasis in neuropsychology and Dr. Keene received his MD from Georgetown University School of Medicine.

“Dr. Stone and I hold a shared passion for service,” says Dr. Keene, “from our country to our patients, our service to the people continues by bringing joy and laughter through Think Like a Shrink. With all that is happening in the world today, we thought the timing was right to introduce this game, providing a little bit of fake “therapy” (which we could all use) in a game that delivers a fun, engaging and rewarding experience.”

Available now on Amazon this game promises evenings filled with laughter, learning, and lasting memories. Get your hands on “Think Like a Shrink” today and embark on a journey of psychological hilarity like never before.

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