Maternal Health Brand Lansinoh Reveals DiscreetDuo Wearable Pump

Lansinoh DiscreetDuo

Lansinoh, a global leader in breastfeeding solutions and support for nearly four decades, has announced the launch of the new Lansinoh DiscreetDuo Wearable Pump, the first-ever wearable breast pump available without an upgrade fee with most insurance plans, including Medicaid.


The Lansinoh DiscreetDuo offers quiet, hands-free pumping with no cords or tubes. The compact design is lightweight and portable to fit the busy lifestyle of new moms. Customizable settings, conveniently accessible controls, and an LED display simplify pumping sessions, while the intuitive design has only a few parts to assemble and clean with several features including:


9 levels of suction and 4 pumping modes
Up to 260mmHg suction strength
6 oz leak-resistant reusable cups
2 flange size inserts included in the box: 21mm and 24mm


“With the launch of the DiscreetDuo, we are proud to be pioneering more equitable access to wearable pump technology and the benefits it affords,” said Sabrina Fox, Vice President of Global Marketing at Lansinoh. “As new parents navigate their feeding options, it is crucial to have access to the tools, resources, and support they need. At Lansinoh, we stand with all mothers and are on a mission to empower moms on their unique and beautiful journeys through motherhood.”


Previously, when receiving a breast pump through insurance, wearable pumps were only available as upgrades, forcing moms to pay the difference out of pocket. For those on Medicaid, this meant that wearable pumps were not an option since Medicaid coverage rules don’t allow upgrades. Now, with the DiscreetDuo, more nursing moms, including many of those on Medicaid, will have access to wearable pumps.


When The PUMP Act was signed into law in December 2022 it helped extend the rights for pumping moms in the workplace, but lack of Federal Paid Leave, high costs of childcare, and unrealistic expectations continue to take their toll on new parents. Lansinoh has created educational content in response to these ongoing gaps in support, sharing real life stories and tips for parents and supporters. According to an online survey the brand conducted in July 2023, 86% of moms without a wearable pump said having one would make pumping at work easier. Now, with the release of the DiscreetDuo, Lansinoh is launching their most innovative advocacy effort yet in the pursuit of pumping freedom for all.


The Lansinoh DiscreetDuo Wearable Pump is now available, free of charge, through most insurance plans and moms can visit the Lansinoh insurance locator page to find out how to get theirs. For more information about the DiscreetDuo wearable breast pump and other Lansinoh products, visit