Playview Brands Celebrates National Puzzle Day with a Tapestry of Enthralling Puzzles

Playview National Puzzle Day

Playview Brands, a toy company with an umbrella of jigsaw collections, is celebrating this National Puzzle Day by showcasing their continuously expanding portfolio of beloved and enthusiast-approved brands: KI Puzzles and Enigma Art Puzzles. Playview Brands welcomes puzzle lovers to enhance their leisure time and empower their minds with distinctive puzzle collections, where each piece narrates a unique story.


By prioritizing quality and innovation, Playview Brands has elevated its two signature puzzle lines to prominence in the puzzle community, even on social media, successfully passing quality check trends such as the pickup challenge on platforms like TikTok. For over two decades, KI Puzzles has been a trusted name, consistently providing top-notch art puzzles created by acclaimed visionaries. Meanwhile, Enigma Art Puzzles focuses on catering to enthusiasts with premium blueboard puzzles. These puzzles feature a soft-feel matte finish, with premium packaging showcasing artists curated especially for this new collection. Each puzzle includes a reference poster with a message from the artist.


“In an age where screen time dominates leisure time, the lasting appeal of puzzles reflects our innate desire for hands-on engagement and mental stimulation,” said Andrew Sparkes, Senior Vice President, and General Manager at Playview Brands. “We’re happy to offer an escape from the digital realm and foster moments of mindfulness and creativity through art.”


Playview Brands invites puzzle enthusiasts to celebrate National Puzzle Day with joy by delving into our extensive collections. These collections feature exciting collaborations, the most recent being with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted, which has allowed Playview to contribute to their noble mission of global reforestation, with their inaugural tree-planting initiative commencing this year.


Explore a diverse selection of puzzle options, ranging from 2-sided challenges to quick 10-minute minis and luxurious 1000-piece masterpieces in Playview’s KI and Enigma Art puzzles. Playview’s jigsaw collections are available to purchase online at and at various retailers across North America.


To learn more about Playview Brands, please visit their website at and LinkedIn. Follow @Playview_Brands for updates on new collections series, artist features, and monthly giveaways.