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DeAPlaneta Entertainment and Epic Story Media Partner to Distribute Preschool Coding Series ‘Mia & Codie’

Mia & Codie

DeAPlaneta Entertainment has signed a deal with Moody Studios and Epic Story Media to take European (except UK) and LATAM Media, Licensing & Digital rights for Mia & Codie – a ground-breaking, animated comedy, teaching kids pre-coding skills, created by two-time Emmy Award winner, Don Moody.


Two seasons of the animated series are currently in production with 40 episodes x 4.5 minutes and commissioned in Canada with TVO, TFO and Knowledge Network. The series will also arrive in Israel, on HOP! Channel.


Mia & Codie is a preschool series for children from 3 to 6 years old, which follows Mia, a girl who loves to code, and Codie, the robot she built to be the little brother she’s always wanted. Mia makes the world more marvellous through coding, and her “bro-bot” is the ideal partner. Codie is always game for an adventure, relatively indestructible, and able to do anything with the right code! Of course, coding is like life: We make mistakes, learn from them, and try again! As Mia learns more about coding her world, she grows as a coder and a big sister. When a challenge arises, Mia and Codie turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and are always ready to “run the code”!


Mia & Codie will premiere March 12th, 2024 on Canadian broadcaster TVOKids, and is co-produced by Moody Studios, Epic Story Media, and Vancouver’s CG-animation studio, Relish Studios. The series has been created and directed by Don Moody (WordWorld), story edited by Sheila Rogerson (Max & Ruby), and the curriculum was designed by Educational Advisor Caroline Rosenbloom.

Carlos Biern, Director of Distribution and Contents at DeAPlaneta Kids & Family, has commented: “We are very proud to distribute an educational series as current as Mia & Codie, which aims to bring pre-schoolers to a language as necessary nowadays as coding. It is also a privilege to be able to work closely with Epic Story Media and the multi-award winning Don Moody. We believe we could create unique experiences for our audience as there are no limits for global expansion of a STEM project like this in key categories like educational/learning, publishing, toys and interactive.”


“I’m so proud of this team. Laughing and learning, together we have made a unique comedy that inspires children to code. DeAPlaneta Entertainment brings an exciting blend of passion and know-how, making them the perfect fit to captivate the imaginations of children worldwide with this property.” – Don Moody.


Ken Faier, CEO and El Presidente of Epic Story Media states, “we have admired DeAPlaneta Entertainment as an organization filled with excellence in selecting and managing great properties. From the beginning, they saw in Mia & Codie what we saw. Mia and Codie is a wonderful way to educate kids where humor is at the centre. Coding is a global curriculum and Don has found a way to deliver a great show that has a by-product of teaching how to code.”