PMI Kids’ World Rings in 2024 with a Bold Revamp

PMI Kids World new

PMI Kids’ World, the family-owned toy company with a rich history dating back to its origins in 1995, is making its 2024 debut with a bold transformation and is proud to announce its new era with a new logo, website, and strategic partnerships, bringing beloved games and entertainment licenses to life with brand-new toy lines and more to come in 2024!


Kickstarting the new year with a refreshed brand identity, PMI is proud to unveil its new logo design and revamped website this week to bring customers and partners a renewed platform to learn about the newest products coming down the pipeline from their favorite gaming and entertainment licenses.


Known for its success in releasing toy lines from popular licenses (Sonic Prime, Pudgy Penguins, Among Us, and more), PMI continues to forge connections with sought-after licenses in the industry. Coming into the new year, PMI is bringing fans of the wildly popular Stumble Guys game, a brand new toy line of Booksy Monster Tales Collectibles, and two new brands that will be revealed in Q1 of 2024.


“As we go into our 29th year with strong partnerships with leading global brands, we are excited to begin the new year by introducing our new website and company logo,” says Omer Dekel, COO at PMI Kids’ World. “These changes not only mark a change in design and user experience but also herald a fresh chapter for PMI as we enter the new year. Our new logo and the website go hand in hand with the company’s vision and values, such as newness, agility, and innovation. The previous logo has served us since the company was established, but we decided that now is the time to bring the new logo that reflects our company’s DNA better.”


Owned by CEO Boaz Dekel and COO Omer Dekel, the Israel-based toy company has developed a distribution network spanning 132 countries, successfully bringing joy and entertainment to diverse cultures and communities across the globe since its origins in 1995. The company takes pride in its ability to connect with consumers and brands on a global scale.


Recent success stories include consumer demand leading to series 2 launches of Pudgy Penguins, Pinata Smashlings, and Sonic Prime toy lines, coming in 2024. Most notably, the May 2023 launch of the Pudgy Penguins toy line is a testament to PMI’s capacity to create products that resonate with consumers. With the toy line achieving Amazon’s #1 best-selling item and #1 best-selling plush positions in its launch week, PMI demonstrates its capabilities as a global toy master for producing products that reflect beloved brands for the consumers and partners they continue to create.


As PMI enters a new year of toys and milestones, the renowned toy company’s newly updated logo and website will surely be exciting changes and indicators of a new era ahead for PMI, partners, and toy enthusiasts everywhere.